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5 Real Estate Video Ideas for the Camera Shy Agent

It's hard to imagine that there are still some camera shy people out there in the age of selfies. However, in a world where video content is becoming a must for your content marketing efforts it is important to find a way to work around your shyness. If you are feeling camera shy but don't want to miss out on the opportunities video real estate marketing offers, here are five excellent ideas that don't require you in the starring role:

1. Past Client Interviews

Interviewing happy clients is a great way to use video without having to appear on camera. You can ask the questions off camera while recording the video yourself. You can focus on how you helped people asking pointed questions that allow them to easily showcase your skills. The boost for your effectiveness comes from real situations adding authenticity to your video.

2. Community Interviews

Featuring interviews with some of your favorite local businesses is a great way to establish yourself as a neighborhood expert while including businesses who will be grateful for the exposure. This can include a local cafe, a clothing store, home decor store, or any other type of store that will appeal to your audience. Although it has nothing to do with selling or buying homes, it does help establish the area as a place people will want to live. It will also help build your content using keywords for the area such as "Living in Hyde Park."

3. Neighborhood Tour

You can also take a walk around the neighborhood using the camera view for your video. You can explain why you love the area, what makes it family or singles friendly, while showing off the amenities, local hot spots and parks. This video can help advertise the area and draw attention to the types of homes available while showcasing your familiarity with what makes it a great place to live.

4. Advice & How To Videos

Although advice/instructional videos do work well when viewers see your face, you can think of ways to share your expertise with the focus on a property instead of yourself. For example, you might focus on the exterior of a home while you explain off camera what areas require some TLC and then record an after shot while you explain what you have done to improve curb appeal. You can do the same for a poorly furnished room to show the changes you make for staging purposes. Using "How to" titles will also increase your views as people often use how to in their keywords when conducting searches.

5. Check Lists

Check lists such as the "Five Steps for the Buying or Selling Process", "Eight Things to Avoid when making an Offer", or "15 Top Mistakes for First Time Sellers" all provide bite sized info viewers can digest easily. An excellent way to share this type of into is to create a Power Point presentation and record it using webinar platforms such as GoToMeeting. You can prepare a visually interesting presentation and present it like you would to a group while GoToMeeting records your screen and voice. GoToMeeting then provides you with a video file ready to upload to social media.

With video adding that extra boost required to get more views, having a video strategy is becoming more important. These are just a few ways you can take advantage of video marketing without the need to step in front of the camera.

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