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4 Agent Marketing Updates to Remember when you Switch Brokers

When the new year arrives there are a lot of resolutions made. There are also a lot of changes. If you've decided 2019 is the year to switch brokers, here are four marketing updates you have to remember:

1. Update Landing Pages & Website

If you've depended on your current broker to provide you with a cookie cutter website now is a good time to decide to create a new site. It's always a good idea to have your own custom site as this allows you to stand out from the crowd and look for the features important to you. This will avoid having to make changes every time you change brokers.

If you already have your own site, go through it with a fine toothed comb to ensure you don't miss a page. You will have to update:

  • Contact info

  • Logos

  • Broker Name

  • Services specific to your old broker

  • Social media links (in some cases)

2. Update Social Media

Go onto all of your social media pages and update the same info as above. This can be trickier because you might have a lot of posts related to your old brokerage. Keep in mind your core message should remain the same even when you change brokers. Your social media pages should reflect who you are as an agent, not necessarily what your broker is doing. That said, special events or unique services available at your broker can always make good posts.

3. Revisit Marketing Collateral

Take a look at existing marketing collateral and determine if any of it is salvageable. In most cases you will have heavy branding for your old broker. Having an easy, turn key marketing system allows you to avoid issues and make smooth transitions quickly. Look for options such as that allows you to simply go into your account and update your contact info to have it update for all current tours and single property websites while auto populating any new collateral you create for listings moving forward. If you make another switch you won't lose money and can just update your branding and contact info quickly.

4. Share the News

Send out a newsletter or eflyer to share your move with your SOI. This is an easy way to get your new contact info out there as well.

Covering these key marketing tools will make your transition easier and help you get settled into your new role.

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