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5 ways to get your money's worth from blogs

When you've run out of ideas for blog content, hiring a writer is a good investment.

Knowing where to invest your marketing dollars can be a challenge. However, one thing that seems to be a constant is the need to develop good content with a well-written and maintained blog to help build your online presence. Many agents are reluctant to do so because they don't consider themselves writers and also don't have the time or inclination to worry about upkeep. As well, there is often a belief that investing in content is costly. Content is actually a very worthwhile investment as blogging not only helps build up your SEO, but can also be used in a number of other ways. Here are a five ways to help you get your money's worth from those blogs:

1. Your basic SEO content: First and foremost your blogs act as a tool to generate more traffic to your website. The more original the content, the better as Google loves originality. You want to provide valuable information that people can use and that will also encourage subscribers while moving you up in the search rankings.

2. Contacts through subscribers: That brings us to number two, which is collecting contacts through subscribers. When you create strong content on your blog you can help attract more people and in turn more subscribers who might want to hear more. In turn these contacts can be added to your drip campaigns and might even generate a referral or two.

3. Social media posts: The great thing about blogging is that you can use your blogs as social media posts. Whenever you post a new blog you can post it to your social media pages as a link to encourage people to visit your site and read your blog. This is a huge time saver allowing you to kill two birds with one stone and really get more bang for your buck for each blog.

4. Newsletter content: Your blogs also make great newsletter content. Make sure you are paying for original blogs/articles that you can also use in your newsletter. Again, this is great bang for your buck and saves you the struggle of constantly trying to find new article ideas for your newsletter. If you use a digital newsletter service that allows you to add links, even better as you can just link to your own blogs.

5: Links for eflyers: Building on your newsletter content, blogs can also make great content for your eflyer campaigns. When you've got some good solid info to share about the market, the community, tips for renos, etc. you can share them as part of your keep in touch efforts and drip campaigns.

As you can see hiring a writing service to provide content for your blogs is not a waste of money. You can achieve a number of your marketing goals with each blog, saving you time as well.

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