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5 Things to Focus on as Listing Season Winds Down

Volunteering is an excellent way to meet new contacts and add interest to your social media posts.

As listing season winds down here are five things to focus on to improve your skills and prospects:

1. Follow ups: If you have fallen behind on your follow up calls and emails, now is the time to get organized and do so. Whether you are a fan of the personalized note, a quick phone call or an email, clients always appreciate you checking in to make sure all is well and that they are happy with the way things have turned out following the transaction. This can also help drum up more referrals.

2. Community Time: Now that you have more spare time, look into what's happening in the community and see where you can get involved. This helps in a number of ways:

  • Helps you make new contacts

  • Helps raise your profile in the community

  • Provides excellent material for social media posts

  • Provides excellent material for your bio

  • Shows a sincere interest in your neighbors

3. Find a Sponsorship Op: This is a great time to look into finding a sponsorship opportunity. From kids' sports teams to local events, there is always something or someone that could use a hand. Consider renting a booth at a larger event, paying for sports uniforms or even just donating an item for a silent auction or a prize for a fall event at your child's school. Even if your budget is small (or non-existent) there are always smaller events that would love to have you assist them in some way. This has all the same benefits of volunteering your time in the community plus it gets your name out there (even if it's just mentioned on an item people are bidding on for a silent auction)!

4. Take a Course: There is always much to learn in the real estate business. Shop around for courses that might help you reach your goals, both short term and long term. There are many different designations and certifications that can expand your knowledge and your horizons!

5. Shop Marketing Services: Do a review of the marketing services you have used over the past year. Decide if there are services you might like to switch. Shop around and see if there are better options out there that will prove more effective. Ask for demos to get a feel for how each service works and to help you better understand how it can benefit your business. Often you might be using a service that has costed you more time and money than you might think! This will help you decide.

Focusing on these five things will improve your prospects, raise your profile in the community and help you feel good about yourself!

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