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Start Your Thanksgiving Marketing Now

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to build your brand and become more recognized in your community. Here are a few ideas to help you keep in touch during this important holiday.

  • Gratitude: Thanksgiving is the season we show gratitude for the good things we have in life. You can share thank you cards with your clients to show appreciation for their business as well as referrals you have received in the past.

  • Food Drive: Thanksgiving circles around a feast and what better way to show thanks for what you have than sharing it with others. Have a post on social media inviting people to drop off food donations to your office. You can also send out postcards to the community. This not only helps feed less fortunate families in the community, but also helps you feel good.

  • Volunteer: Invite clients to join you at a local homeless shelter to cook and serve Thanksgiving meals. If you feel it's too late for a Thanksgiving plan, use Thanksgiving as a jumping off point to get people ready to join you over the Christmas holidays instead.

  • Draw: Post a draw on social media for something festive such as a turkey, a gift card for a local grocery store, a lovely centerpiece for Thanksgiving or even a personal chef meal!

  • Thanksgiving Decor Contest: Have people post their festive home decor on your social media pages and vote for the best dressed home showing off their Thanksgiving decorations. It can be for their front door, their Thanksgiving table or even the best dressed turkey for fun!

  • Thanksgiving Open House: Plan a Thanksgiving themed lunch at your next open house whether it's popular Thanksgiving desserts and coffee, or a mini Thanksgiving spread.

  • Share Family Recipes: This is the time of year people are looking for recipes when planning their Thanksgiving meals. Share some family recipes on social media for stuffing, pumpkin pie and sides or even drop off postcards with a favorite recipe on it throughout the neighborhood.

  • Crowd Fund: Crowd funding has assisted numerous causes and finding one that is local is a great way to give back to the community. It could be funding for housing, meals or even to support a family in need of food and clothing over the holiday season.

There are hundreds of ways you can give back to the community and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to see how you can participate and encourage clients to join you.

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