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5 Community Easter Marketing Ideas for Agents

Easter is the time of year everyone is feeling hopeful. As an agent you can use this joyful season to engage clients and improve your presence in the community. Here are five community Easter marketing ideas to try this year:

1. Spring Cleaning Garage Sale: Post a challenge on social media telling people to do a spring cleaning and bring all of their unwanted items to a central location for one big garage sale. Donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice. Anything left over can then be dropped off at a charity used goods store.

2. Easter Content: Create some fun Easter content on social media and your blog to help create a community feel. Mention the must see Easter events in your area, offer advice about the best places to find deals on Easter décor and everything you need for an egg hunt, share insight about how to prep your home during the Easter season for a quick sale, etc. You can also challenge people to create their own charity events and post images on your site, using hashtags to raise awareness. Last but not least have fun with video and do a post on how to make pretty Easter cupcakes, decorate Easter baskets or share your favorite recipe if you aren't feeling too camera shy.

3. Easter Egg Hunt: Hold an Easter egg hunt in the community and invite people to join you on social media. Send out an eblast to your SOI to include them as well. Make it a completely kid friendly event to attract families. If you're feeling savvy, try live streaming some of the most fun moments of the event on social media or create some video clips to post as things are happening.

4. Easter Brunch Open House: If you are planning an open house leading up to Easter hold an Easter brunch. Offer up a lovely buffet with Easter favorites and mimosas instead of the same old luncheon or margaritas by the pool. Hand out Easter eggs or seasonal Easter lilies to fellow agents. Hold a contest to win a giant chocolate Easter bunny to collect email addresses.

5. Easter Chocolate Food Drive: We always do toy drives at Christmas, but what about kids that might not get Easter chocolates? Hold an Easter chocolate drive so people can drop off chocolates at your office and then you can take donations to a local kids’ charity. You can also always opt for the traditional food drive as well.

Don't be afraid to send out a press release to local radio channels and post it on community events pages in your area. This can help raise awareness and attract more people to your events. Also, remember to share all of your pictures following the events on social media to inspire others in the community to get involved. These ideas are not only good for networking, but will also make you feel good about giving back to the community!

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