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Floor Plans

Realtour is now offering floor plans! Use your phone to scan your listing property and create an accurate plan in just minutes, or use one of our Realtour photographers and have it done for you.


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We are partnering with Cubicasa to give you the easiest and most effective tool on the market for scanning your listings and generating an accurate and effective floor plan. Do it yourself or add it onto a photoshoot order and have it delivered along with your listing photos.


WHY DO I NEED A FLOOR PLAN? - According to Zillow, a floor plan is the 2nd most important feature on a listing and a key element in capturing potential leads.

HOW LONG - Scanning with the ‘CubiCasa Floor Plan App’ takes under 5 minutes on average.

DIRECT DELIVERY - Finished plans are delivered the next business day directly into your Realtour account.

COST - Affordable for any listing at just $34.99.

BUILT-IN EDITOR - Make simple text edits to room labels and dimensions with our easy to use built-in editor.

OUTPUT - Files include high resolution JPG and PDF for use in your single property websites and flyers.

PHOTO SHOOT - Order a floor plan when you book your next photo shoot with one of our professional photographers and have it done for you. 

Floor Plan Price


One affordable price suits your budget and

real estate marketing needs.

Easy to Use

Create your own floor plans in just 3 simple steps.


1. Place your order directly from your Realtour account.

2. Download the ‘Cubicasa Floor Plan App’ on your phone.

3. Scan your listing property with a 5 minute walk through of the home and submit the scan directly from your phone.

Your finished floor plan will be uploaded directly into your Realtour account within 24 hours.

Requirements and Help Guide

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