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Five Fun Halloween Marketing Ideas

Halloween is a neighborhood based holiday perfect to promote your real estate services.

You can't find a more neighborly holiday than Halloween. This is the night everyone is out knocking on doors with hand outs expected. With this in mind, there are a few things you can do to leverage the "spirit" of Halloween to help spread the word about your real estate expertise. Here are five fun ways to use Halloween to market your real estate services:

  1. Goody Bags: Take the time to put together some high quality, peanut free goody bags to hand out to trick or treaters. Inside the bag add a postcard with a fun picture of you and your kids (if you have them) dressed up for Halloween, or use a clever Halloween slogan and your contact info. This will get your name out there, while showing people you live in the area, are family oriented and also are a little creative when it comes to marketing. They will see this as a reflection of what you can do to market their home!

  2. Door to Door Treats: Before the big night go door to door handing out Halloween goody bags in the neighborhood. If your budget allows you can also do something a bit more exciting such as offering people little pumpkins they can decorate with the kids or dollar store masks and decorations. Just make sure whatever you hand out includes a postcard or business card with a call to action and your contact info.

  3. Charity Event: Prior to Halloween hand out postcards letting neighbors know you are holding a food or clothing drive on Halloween night. Mention your address and let them know you will be accepting canned goods, or gently used clothing items to donate to a local food bank or charity. If you don't want to give your own address, have them drop donations off at your office.

  4. Haunted House: Let people know through social media and postcards you are creating a special haunted house or outdoor display on Halloween night. You can do this at your own home, or find a client who would be willing to do it for their open house.

  5. Best Costume Contest: Have a contest where people can email pictures of their costumes for you to post on your social media pages. You can then have people vote for the best costume and present a prize to the winner. You can also do a best dressed dog/pet, or best Halloween decorations contest. Either way, a Halloween contest is the perfect way to collect email addresses for your newsletter list.

These simple ideas provide you with an easy way to meet people in your area and collect email addresses to add to your mailing lists. Happy Halloween!

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