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Why September is a Great Time to Start Blogging

You hear it non-stop: to get noticed online you have to start blogging. As an agent, finding time to do so can prove a challenge, even in a market when houses are flying off the market as soon as a house is listed. However, if you want to remain competitive and position yourself as an expert, having a blog is your best bet. If you've been putting blogging off, here are a few reasons September is a great time to start.

Time to Research

As listing season begins to slow down in September you will have more time to breathe. You can take the time to either explore your options for a blogging service, a writing service, or how you can add a blog to your current website. Research is a good starting point because you want to find the right solution for your needs. Some agents are very comfortable writing, whereas others know this is not their forte. Decide how you want to get your blog online and if you want to write the content or leave it up to an expert.

Look at website options that will include SEO in the back end so you don't have to hire someone to do it for you. A good blog option is Wix.

Downtime Marketing Dollars

If you have seen a successful summer without the need to invest as much in marketing, then now is the time to allot that extra money to your blogging efforts. Before the money is spent, you can look at what you can afford to invest in a blog and use that amount to get as many blogs posted through the fall and winter as possible. This will allow you to build a presence by the time people start searching for real estate agents again in the spring. Of course, if you are going to write your own content, you are that much further ahead.

A good way to get the most bang for your buck is to make sure the majority of your content is "evergreen". This means it has lasting value and does not have to be updated often. It will help build your presence and help with SEO. You can then add some local events, etc. to help add interest to your blogs.

Plot a Calendar

September is the perfect time of year to plot a blog calendar as it is pre-holiday season. You can start by plugging in your holiday ideas, and then fill in the additional spots with other ideas that will help you position yourself as an expert. An example of a blog calendar would look something like this:

  • September 14: Tips to Keep your New Home Comfortable this Winter

  • September 21: Write about upcoming local events for October

  • September 28: Tips to Add Curb Appeal this Fall

  • October 5: Home Maintenance Tips for (your area) Home Owners

  • October 12: Tips to Keep your Kids Safe This Halloween

  • October 19: First-Time Home Buyers Guide to Mortgages

  • October 26: Upcoming local events for November

  • November 2: Five Easy DIY Home Decor Projects for Fall

  • November 9: How to Enjoy the Best Thanksgiving in your New Home

  • November 16: Christmas Budget Tips for New Home Owners

  • November 23: Upcoming local events for December

  • November 30: Stress Free Christmas Guide

  • December 7: The Best (your area) Family Activities This Holiday Season

  • December 14: Great Gift Ideas for the New Home Owner

  • December 21: Best Free New Year's Eve Events in (your area)

  • December 28: Top 5 New Year's Resolutions for Home Buyers

Because you have the time, take the calendar right up to spring using the same ideas. Look at holidays for inspiration, then add local events to help you appear in local searches. As spring nears, you want to look at more specific selling and buying tips such as:

  • First-Time Home Buyers Guide to (your area)

  • Selling your Home in (your area)'s Current Market

  • What to Expect During the Home Selling Process

  • Spring to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

  • Etc.

Make sure to include your location as often as possible as it will help people find you for local searches, one of the most important aspects of content in real estate!

More Time to Write

Once you've plotted out your calendar you will have time to write. You just have to do one blog a week, although two can be even more effective if you want to build your library. A lot of the writing will be easy for you as it won't require much research and you can write from the heart about the area, or about your recommendations.

Make sure you are using good sources for your local event posts and think of other community ideas you can write about such as:

  • Some Great Causes to Support in (your area)

  • Best Cafes in (your area)

  • Top Reasons to live in (your area)

  • A Dog Lovers Guide to (your area)

Blogging can prove to be a great past time if your inner writer is willing to give it a try. If you don't feel your writing skills are up to par, use a writing service, which will help get your blog going and help establish you as a local real estate expert.

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