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A quick overview of the new female home buyer

It used to be that home buyers were male, couples or families. However, the face of the 2018 buyer has changed quite a bit, with a trend towards more women becoming home owners.

According to recent research by Veritas Urbis Economics, "The share of U.S. home buyers comprised of women has increased to 46.4% in 2017 from just 18.9% in 1981." Here is a quick overview of the stats behind the new female home buyer.

The Buying Stats

There is an increasing improvement to the status and education of women in the U.S. including:

  • Women with a bachelor’s degree or higher rose to 25.1% in 2017 from 11.1% in 1981.

  • The share of women at work increased to 42.5% in 2017 from 35.3%. in 1981.

  • Households headed by females increased 76% for women living alone and 72.1% with partners.

  • The share of females among all home buyers increased 144.8% for those living alone and 108% for those with partners.

Why are they Buying?

According to the 2016 Home Shopper & Buyer Insights Study by Builders Digital Experience there are five main reasons women are choosing to buy their own home including:

  • 30 percent wanted to own their own place

  • 10 percent of these women were also looking for a bigger home than the one they were renting

  • 23 percent found home prices favorable in their area

  • 20 percent found interest rates favorable

  • 18 percent had experienced a recent increase in income

  • Other reasons women are making the move to buy include wanting to live in a safer neighborhood, or be closer to family and friends

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