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Why Real Estate Photographers need an All in One Business Software

If you are a professional real estate photographer looking for the best way to serve your clients, it is always in your best interest to find a software that can assist in all aspects of your business. You don't want to make it difficult for yourself or your clients to order images, access them and have the best way to show off their listings. By having an all in one real estate photography software, you can ensure your clients get what they need, while helping you run your business.

The Benefits of All in One Software

Using a business software designed specifically for real estate photographers allows you to set up and manage your photo shoots based on the geographical areas you cover, the days you are available, how many shoots you wish to take on each day and also take payment based on your own customized packages. You can also manage additional fees such as driver fees for shoots outside your area.

At the same time you make it easy for your clients to order and receive their images within their own account where they also have access to free state of the art single property websites and software to build their marketing materials. It's a win win situation.

Easy Account Set Up

Using a real estate photography business software that also provides you with an easy way to set up accounts for your clients allows you to serve your clients more efficiently. Software that automatically sets up accounts for your clients, sends out their new account info and then allows them to order their photo shoots and access their images all online simplifies the entire process. You get your orders and payment while they get their images and auto generated single property website without any extra steps.

Easy Scheduling System

Once an account is set up, you want the order to be placed in as few steps as possible. A photo shoot scheduling software allows you to display your schedule, show available days and then allows clients to choose from your menu of services. Payment is made and you receive notice the appointment has been requested. Your real estate photography software will show you on a Google map where the shoot is to take place, and you can manage the times to suit your schedule. You can also use the map to choose times for each shoot that day based on a logical route planned out by their location.

Your schedule will also automatically show your day as full once the amount of shoots you have allotted for that day are taken. You determine how many shoots you want to take each day and can also easily set vacation days when you need them. You can even set up a buffer to make sure you have enough notice to plan for each shoot. Want a day's notice? The schedule will make sure clients can only access days based on that buffer.

Easy Payment

You don't want to worry about managing the accounting side of things. Working with a photography software that offers an easy payment set up allows you to avoid costly fees and receive auto payments directly into your own Paypal account twice a month. The cost of the software, administration of your accounts and your single property websites are deducted for a low fee which includes the 3% collection fee from Paypal, client accounts, free PDF's and all service charges. That means your single property websites and PDF's are very affordable.

The software allows you to set your own prices, packages and a la carte services so you always control your own business revenue. You can add the low fee to your pricing so it does not cost you a thing to use the software and single property websites.

Easy Image Sharing

Nothing is worse than having to share your images via some form of online sharing app like Drop Box. A software that allows you to upload images directly into your clients' accounts where they can access them and download them without complication is best as it saves both of you time and aggravation. As well, a support team is available to assist your clients should they encounter any issues.

Single Property Website & Tour

Today's agent will expect at least a tour, but will prefer a single property website with their photo order. A single property website software that offers either option is ideal as it allows them to choose what they want on their own terms. An all in one software that will automatically generate your tours and property websites when you upload the images saves you tons of time and makes it easy for clients to access their links via an email that informs them their images and tours are ready.

The software also offers an affordable walk thru tour builder that is compatible with your own panos. The software allows you to add hotspots to your panos to create a walk thru experience that is very similar to the expensive Matterport 3D option. You do not need a special camera and instead just use your own pano equipment. However, if you do use Matterport, the single property website software allows you to embed your 3D tours easily for complete compatibility. The single property websites are also compatible with video.

The Client Side

From your clients perspective, their accounts allow them to edit and update their single property websites with their own branding, colors and fonts. They can also easily post their links to, YouTube and Facebook with the click of a button.

Your clients also receive their choice of free printable PDF's for their listing with brochures, flyers and postcard templates available when they need them. All their listing info and contact branding is auto added for quick generation of their print materials. There are also other marketing tools available in their accounts including affordable eflyers complete with email addresses for real estate agents across the U.S. And free support and tutorials are always available should they need assistance.

Realtour's all in one real estate photography software allows you to manage clients, set up a scheduling and payment system and auto generate single property websites to effectively grow your business. To set up a quick demo email Jana or for more information click here.

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