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How to get the most value for your property eflyers

Providing the best possible marketing plan for your clients can mean a bit of an investment. When you consider all the things that are required, such as professional images, a single property website and/or virtual tour, and an eflyer to highlight events such as price reductions and open houses, budget has an impact on your ability to deliver stellar marketing. The bottom line is you want to get the most value when marketing your properties and it boils down to the marketing provider that can cater to all of these needs without charging exorbitant prices to do so.

Real Estate Eflyer Marketing

Real estate eflyers require special needs and relying on companies that try to be a jack of all trades to all industries is not the best way to serve the needs of your clients. For example, if you work with the "big guys" who specialize in email marketing they do not provide agent lists. As well a marketing specialty company that offers real estate eflyers will get you closer to what you need, but you have to consider:

  • How up to date is their mailing list?

  • Do they allow you to also include names on your SOI list, or can you only use their mailing lists?

  • Are they charging by name, or do you have to pay a flat rate for a specific area based on their perimeters even if it reaches areas you don't want or need?

  • Can they convert your eflyer into a PDF you can print and hand out at open houses?

  • Do they offer other key elements to your campaign such as photography, print materials or single property websites?

All of these questions are very pertinent to the quality and value of your eflyer service. Most eflyer companies do not keep up to date lists which means you could be paying for an area with very few agents still there! As well, often systems that use zip codes or counties for example, are over shooting an area you wish to target, so you are paying for unwanted names.

The best eflyer services have up to date lists that are "scraped" with every blast so you only pay for existing agents who are expecting to receive emails. As well you never pay for agents that are no longer active. The other thing you want in a real estate eflyer service is the choice to target the area(s) you want to target without any additional names you don't need. A mapping system that allows you to pick your target works best.

The Value of Freebies

The other element to eflyer marketing is what is included with the service. Being offered some freebies raises the effectiveness of the service as it offers more value and also saves you time. For example, at the least you should be offered a PDF of your eflyer so you can print it and use it as handouts at your open houses or place them in brochure holders on your For Sale signs. The problem is, many eflyer services cannot convert their odd sized eflyers into brochure form.

Finding a service that can easily convert your eflyer into print form is perfect and meets your needs. In fact, a company that provides a free PDF in the format of your choice such as a post card ideal for follow up Just Solds, or brochures in 2 sided or 4 page options are even better! Way more bang for your buck.

Another freebie that is perfect is a single property website. These are ideal as they provide all the info required including a big and bold slide presentation, the format that buyers prefer for viewing properties. Without these additions you are paying out more money and in some cases even have to hire a graphic designer or wait for your inhouse designer to get your print artwork ready for you. Having freebies makes it cheaper and quicker!

One Stop Real Estate Marketing

Even if you have a photographer you trust (we strongly recommend you don't use your cell phone to shoot your own images!) they are not going to provide you additional services, especially eflyers. Most will provide a free tour or single property website of some kind, but can't offer conveniences such as quick posting to Facebook or uploads to YouTube. Some might even offer a free print brochure, but the quality is never that great and you are still left holding the bag to get your eflyer out there.

Using a photography service that covers all bases allows you to save time and money. A system where you just place your order and the rest is almost automatic makes your life easier, covers what you need to impress your clients and cuts less into your bottom line.

So what does a one stop real estate marketing service offer?

  • Photography

  • Free uploads and easy access for downloading your images

  • Auto generation of your single property website

  • Compatibility with a number of medias such as 3D, walk thrus, panos, video, aerials

  • Easy access to templates to create eflyers already populated with you contact info and branding, your images ready to use and all the listing details you added during your photography order

  • Free PDF downloads and use of print templates for your eflyers

A service that also allows you the option to still use your own photos is also convenient as they at least offer the freebies and additional services such as eflyers still making it affordable and time saving. -- and you can still use the photographer you prefer.

There is one company that offers all of these things and more: You can send your first eflyer for free! Create your account and get started on creating excellent, affordable one stop real estate marketing, or have their Virtual Assistant to do it for you!

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