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4 stats to support using Single Property Websites

According to the NAR 2017 Home Buyers' Profile, 42 per cent of recent buyers started their home search online. That means that before they even picked up a phone to call an agent, they started their search independently. Chances are that number will continue to rise in 2018. You want to make sure you are doing as much online marketing as you can, without going over budget.

Single Property Websites provide buyers with the information they need to make a decision on whether or not they want to see your property, while offering an affordable marketing option for you. Here are four stats that support using Single Property Websites to market your properties online:

  1. 89% of buyers prefer images when house hunting online. Single Property Websites offer a full screen slide show for easy viewing. Companies such as Realtour offer free property websites with their photography orders making it a very affordable option to get your properties noticed. It is also a very good reason to put down that cell phone and start hiring a pro to do your property shots!

  2. 50% of buyers find tours helpful. Single Property Websites offer the choice to view images as a tour and are also compatible with Matterport 3D, video, panos, and walk thru tours.

  3. 85% of buyers want property details when viewing homes online. Although it is a little perplexing why this isn't actually 100 per cent of buyers, marketing your properties in a manner that provides as much information as possible just makes sense. A Single Property Website is a website entirely dedicated to your clients’ property and includes as much information as they wish to include.

  4. 97% of real estate agencies show all their listings online. Single Property Websites not only feature your showcase property. They also allow you to show all your listings which provides more bang for your marketing buck. It helps keep you competitive as well if you have a limited website or are not always able to keep your website up to date.

As you can see, the Single Property Website is the best option to market your listings online. You will reach more buyers, be able to feature all of your listings and have direct contact to yourself from interested buyers and buyers' agents.

For more information about Realtour's Single Property Websites click here.

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