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Why using one marketing service works best for real estate listings

If you reinvent the wheel every time you get a new listing, you will continue to waste time that could be better spent working with your clients. By using one marketing service to market your listings, you will find a smooth process that works to your advantage and that also helps you to sell your listings more quickly.

Here is what to look for in a marketing service and why each item is important to your listing:

  • Fully Integrated: Your marketing company should be fully integrated so you are not doubling up on your efforts. You want to enter your listing information once and then have it ready regardless of whether you are making a print brochure or eflyer, creating a virtual tour, or ordering photos to use in all of these materials. A fully integrated service allows you to do everything from one account with minimal effort for all of your marketing needs.

  • Freebies: You want to find a company that is not charging you high prices for every item

you need. Look for an integrated service that carries that integration over to their fees. Although most photography services offer at least a free tour, they don't all offer endless use of print templates. As well some eflyer services might include free print templates, but very few throw in a free virtual tour.

  • Professional Photography: Visual impact is a must with today’s online savvy home buyers. It’s not a surprise that 89 percent of house hunters find images helpful and that 44 percent begin their house hunt online. That means having professional images that can stand alone to promote your listings is a must. Look for a company that includes an easy online photography system that will collect your info, upload your images and have everything ready in you account to build marketing materials.

  • Single Property Websites: With 89 percent of house hunters looking for easy to view, professional images, a single property website allows you to show off images in the preferred mode for viewing: a slide show. It promotes your listings through a designated website while allowing you to show off your other listings with a quick click. It also offers a forward to a friend option and a contact form making it easier for buyers to reach you.

  • Virtual Tours: Although 89 percent of buyers want images, having added features such as a virtual tour is a bonus as 50 percent of buyers find virtual tours helpful. A marketing company that offers pro photos with a free virtual tour is not only more affordable, but also easier. Again a service that provides a completed virtual tour will save you steps and have it ready in your account to post to sites such as, YouTube and even your Facebook page.

  • Eflyers: Finding a marketing company that also offers an eflyer service that will reach an up to date list of agents in your area is ideal. A service that allows you to select an area that suits your needs and budget allows you to target to your exacting specifications. By using one service your listing information will already be entered through your photo order, and your virtual tour will also automatically be added to your eflyer. Your images will be uploaded into your account and all your contact information and property details will self-populate. Using the same marketing service each time allows you to have an easy to follow process and it will literally take you a few minutes to get your eflyer ready to send. A marketing service that allows you to easily resend updates such as price changes or an open house, will allow you to hit the same target. Agents will recognize the listing address and will be able to let their clients know of opportunities such as price reductions.

  • Print Materials: Print materials allow you to have hand outs for open houses, or to send out postcards for just listed and just sold messages. Finding one service will allow you to prepare print materials, again allowing you to have your images and information ready to go so you don't have to re-enter it or email it to yet another service. Look for a company that offers free print materials to save time and money. Having your eflyer match your brochures or postcards helps build your brand and offers a professional, streamlined look to your marketing materials. A service that allows you to download a PDF to print or email it to your printer right from your account is even better.

  • Virtual Assistant and DIY: Using a marketing service that offers you the choice to prepare your own marketing materials or a virtual assistant is perfect as you can use the service the way it best suits you. For example, you can place your order for the photography services and then have the virtual assistant do the rest. Look for a company that offers price breaks for their virtual assistant when you have ordered other products. As well, using a virtual assistant with the company where your images were ordered means that all your information is ready to go, and the images will be uploaded into your account. No more worrying about sharing massive files or folders with your photos. The virtual assistant can handle everything with minimal interaction, and when time allows you can just do it all yourself if that suits your needs and budget!

Realtour is your ideal one stop marketing service offering everything you need to sell your listing. All photography orders include a free platinum virtual tour with images uploaded into your account as well as free endless use of their print material templates. Eflyers include a free bronze virtual tour and endless use of their print material templates. Your listing information is already entered and your images are in your account when you need them. Everything is ready to use for your eflyers, virtual tours and print materials. They also offer your choice of DIY services or a virtual assistant to handle your orders for you with half price savings when you order a photo shoot. They offer easy, affordable listing marketing to save you time and money.

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