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5 Great Uses for Text Only Eflyer Templates

If the focus of your marketing plan tends to circle around your listings, it's time to start looking for ideas to do some general marketing to sell yourself. A great and affordable way to do some general marketing is to use text only eflyer templates to reach your SOI. Here are five great uses for text only eflyer templates:

1. Establish your local expertise

Text only eflyer templates are the perfect way to send out some real estate and community updates to your SOI. You can look at sending out comps, reasons the area has become more popular, community events and anything else that will help establish you as the local expert.

2. Announcements & invitations

Making announcements about your most recent house sales, new partnerships, a move to a new broker and more are easily made using text only eflyer templates. It is the perfect way to send out news about yourself or your brokerage. As well, should you have an upcoming event at your office or in the community it is an easy and affordable way to send out invites to your SOI.

3. Holiday greetings

Festive text only eflyers are the easiest way to send out holiday greetings. You can send your own message in a cheerful template that is colorful and seasonally charged to let your clients know how much they mean to you and how much their referrals have been appreciated over the years. And you can also use them for family and friends.

4. Thank you notes

The text only elfyer is also a nice way to send out a thank you to clients who might have referred you to friends and family. Although nothing beats a hand written note, the personalized email can also work well especially if you know your clients might be eco-conscious and appreciate your efforts to avoid using paper!

5. Relocation Referrals

Use text only eflyers to advertise your buyer referral fees to agents out of town or out of state. You can send eblasts anywhere in the U.S. to reach agents who could gain from your relocation services to make their clients happy.

Realtour's eflyer service offers a Text Only category to assist in your marketing efforts.

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