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Marketing tips for the "down" season

The real estate business tends to see a down season during the fall and winter months. However, this doesn't mean agents should neglect their marketing strategy when listings are less prevalent. Instead, this is the time of year to focus on your keep in touch marketing and other branding and selling initiatives that will help you be ready when listing season rolls around again.

Have fun with Esignatures

The great thing about the fall and winter months is that they have a multitude of major, fun holidays. This is the time of year to look to the holidays as inspiration to switch things up. An affordable start is your email signature. Use seasonal email signatures to bring a little life to your email correspondence highlighting Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and even Valentines Day.

Your Website

Take a look at your website and make plans to redesign and update it. Your website should be SEO friendly to help people find you and a blog is the perfect addition to assist with this. In fact, the down season is the perfect time of year to concentrate on adding strong content that people will find helpful while assisting in strengthening your SEO.

Some things to consider for website improvements include:

  • SEO efforts

  • Content that includes both evergreen and timely topics

  • Listing updates

  • Service profile

  • Mobile friendly version

Work on that Listing Presentation

The down season is the perfect time of year to look at updating and improving your Listing Presentation. Find an easy to change template you can switch up for each new client presentation. You want a template that is affordable, but also provides you with everything you need for a strong and persuasive presentation. Some things to look for include:

  • Reusable template you can edit easily

  • One price for endless use of the template

  • Pre-written, but editable content you can change to suit your needs

  • Images

  • Charts and graphs to add your comps, etc.

  • Pages that can be deleted or reused when needed

  • Sections you can use or delete that should include:

  • Agent Profile

  • Agency Profile

  • Staging Strategy

  • Pricing Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Negotiating Strategy

  • Testimonials

  • Closing Statement

  • Ability to customize image for each listing

  • Digital and printable versions

Holiday Greetings

Be prepared with a plan to reach out during the holiday season with a personalized email or printed card. You can discover an easy way to send greetings to clients and even friends and family using an eflyer system that provides pretty holiday themed templates that allow you to add your own personal message and upload your own contacts.

You can also use postcards as an affordable way to reach out and this also allows you to hand sign your cards for a personal touch.

Share Information

Keeping in touch with past clients and your SOI is very important during down season. In fact, you should view down season as "Keep in Touch" season. Whether you are looking at print newsletters, little postcards with seasonal or holiday tips or digital newsletters you can share via email, consistent communication is key.

Share holiday tips, selling tips, market trends, etc. and always add a little personal note with each communication. You will maintain your current relationships and be top of mind for those all important referrals.

Continuing your marketing efforts throughout the fall and winter months will strengthen your position for success when the spring arrives.

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