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How to use Halloween to reach clients

Your seasonal calendar provides you with a reason to keep in touch. Here are five fun ways to use Halloween to reach clients:

  1. Share some tips: Send a newsletter to clients to share some Halloween tips such as safety for kids, decorating or party ideas. Halloween is a fun time of year and sharing some great ways to celebrate will show clients you are thinking of them. You can choose to email newsletters or print them off and mail them. You can also consider trying to reach new clients by dropping them in mailboxes (where flyers are allowed).

  2. Plan a charity event: Giving to the community is always the perfect way to show your commitment to the area you serve. It also lets clients know you care while keeping in contact. You can let them know you are taking donations for a local food bank, homeless shelter or a cause that is important to you such as cancer research. Arrange to have people make donations at the office and then follow up with hand written thank you cards to let everyone know how much money you raised.

  3. Have a contest: Let your clients know you are having a Halloween contest, such as best costume, spookiest house, best dressed pet or a pumpkin carving contest. Use social media to encourage people to post their entries and offer a simple prize such as dinner for two, a popular toy for kids, a free cooking class, a free staging session or a free manicure.

  4. Create a haunted house: Speak to clients to see if anyone would like to have an "open haunted house" for the local kids. You can work with them to decorate their home and even take in donations for charities or food for the local food bank. You can also decorate your own home instead.

  5. Halloween party: Throw a simple Halloween party for your clients' children at your office with plenty of loot bags, a best costume prize and some form of fun activity such as mini pumpkin carving or mask making. Ask for RSVP's to make sure you have enough treats and supplies as well as a record of who attends. You can then send out thank you notes as a follow up.

These are just a few ways to reach out to clients this Halloween. You can click here to download a free Halloween newsletter PDF or log onto your account, click Print Materials and choose two sided flyers/newsletters to personalize one of our Halloween flyers. Electronic newsletters are also available by clicking Newsletters, choosing Create New and then choosing Ready to Send.

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