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Why digital showings are becoming a must to sell listings

Digital showings provide home buyers with a walk through experience they can enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. The challenge for many real estate agents is that this is becoming expected by buyers while the technology remains an expense not all agents can afford. As well, not all agents are comfortable with the role technology is playing in the buying and selling process.

Virtual reality goggles work with cell phones for a realistic digital showing that is affordable and convenient.

View Many Homes in Minutes

Digital showings have become popular with home buyers as they allow them to view many homes without the need to travel to the home itself. As technology has advanced, the combination of lasers, floor plan creation software and cameras with the ability to produce panoramic imaging helped to provide an easy virtual tour that can be viewed as a walk through. Fast forward a few years and "3D" technology allows viewers to experience the home as it is laid out using technology to guide them through the halls, rooms and even up the stairs at their leisure.

These high quality virtual tours provide home buyers with a very accurate presentation of the listings in which they are interested. The benefit to buyers is that once they view the home through a digital showing they can decide whether or not they wish to view the home in person. For sellers, this means that they get more exposure, without the need for so many people tramping through their home. This also means they will see serious buyers who are already interested in making an offer.

Benefit to Agents

The benefit to agents is that they can still work with clients to show the listings by meeting at the client's home or the agent's office and reviewing the recommended listings together. Plans can then be made to visit the homes the client feels are worth the trip. As well it is not as difficult to set up viewings based on complicated schedules and instead the tours can be viewed at any time and literally anywhere that is convenient.

Virtual Reality

The latest technology has made digital showings even more realistic with tours that are now compatible with virtual reality "goggles". This tool can give real estate agents an edge over the competition as they can invest in very affordable goggles that they can then share with their clients and view multiple homes in a matter of minutes. This not only saves time for agents who can view the homes without the need for a visit themselves, but also cuts down on the need to travel from home to home with their clients.

The challenge for many agents is that the technology can prove to be quite expensive. Finding an affordable walk thru experience that incorporates all of the bells and whistles of digital showings, without the expense has not been easy.

Affordable Virtual Reality Tours

Realtour has recently launched a walk thru tool that works in hand with traditional panoromic images. This tool allows real estate photographers to create a very easy to use digital showing that can be viewed on computers, or in hand with virtual reality goggles and cell phones for an even better, more realistic experience. Both buyers and sellers can see the benefit of such viewings as agents can easily demonstrate how well this portable tool works.

Those agents who are suspicious of new technology might reluctantly view digital showings as a necessary evil. However, with the affordability of new tools introduced by companies like Realtour, it is well within their reach to become a tech savvy agent on the leading edge of real estate marketing. It is all about being able to impress buyers, and even better gain new listings by showing sellers how they can improve exposure with these new, affordable marketing tools.

Pano walk throughs are currently available in the DFW area and can be ordered through your free Realtour account.

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