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The Two Best Ways to start a Realtour Campaign

There are two ways you can create a campaign using the Realtour system. The first is scheduling a photo shoot with one of our photographers and the second is to begin with an eflyer. By starting your campaigns off with the right first step you will save both time and money.

1. With a Photo Shoot

We always recommend that our clients begin their campaigns with a photo shoot as nothing provides a better base for advertising a listing then professional images. As well, your photographer will upload your images, create your free virtual tour and you also receive limitless use of our print creator tool to create free post cards, flyers and brochures.

The beauty of using our photography services is that you will not only have stunning images to use in your marketing materials, but you also save time and money in the following ways:

  • Your photographer uploads your images for you and also prepares your virtual tour. You can then add music, captions and choose your branding colors.

  • You receive a free platinum tour, which is our premium tour complete with all of the bells and whistles you need.

  • You receive free use of our print creator to create print ready PDFs for your post cards, flyers and brochures.

  • Your photos are ready for use in our eflyers and print materials as well.

  • If you create your free print flyer, a copy is saved for use as an eflyer in our system.

Click here for instructions on how to get started.

2. With an Eflyer

If you are not planning to use our photography services and have images ready to go, an eflyer is the best way to start your campaign. When you start with an eflyer you will automatically generate a free bronze tour and link which is added to your eflyer and you also automatically will create a free print flyer. You can also choose to create a free post card or brochure as well.

The benefits of starting your campaign with an eflyer are:

  • You can announce your listing and reach thousands of targeted buyers’ agents in the perfect area

  • You can upload all of your images to auto generate your free bronze tour and include the link with your eflyer for agents to view and share with their clients

  • Your print flyer will automatically be created and you can download the PDF to print and share at open houses or place in your For Sale sign flyer holder

Click here for instructions on how to get started.

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