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How to access a Free* New Property Marketing Tool

As a real estate agent, getting the best bang for your marketing buck is always top of mind. You want to use all the weapons in your marketing arsenal to present your listings to as many people as possible. A new free property marketing tool is now available when you use Realtour virtual tours, elfyers and photography services to provide better exposure for your listings.

Realtour has recently launched its latest marketing tool designed to assist clients with their advertising. The new lead generation tool,, provides a property search engine you can share with your clients with your own personal URL.

How to access House Hunt

When you create your free Realtour account, you will have the option to post your listings on whenever you purchase a photo shoot, virtual tour or eflyer. Marketing materials that work with House Hunt will offer you the option to post your listing on House Hunt with a scheduled date.

House Hunt then automatically collects all of your active Realtour listings with five or more images and places them on a Google Map. This also generates a unique URL for you to post and share. The minimum five images provides a basic virtual tour that appears with each listing.

Your House Hunt URL only features your listings. However, a Show All tab as well as a Search Listings button also allows visitors to see all Realtour listings. This means your listings can get more exposure through your fellow agents’ accounts and allows House Hunt to help generate leads.

Your House Hunt URL features your listings* on a Google map with your tour and info.

Features of House Hunt

The House Hunt search tool provides an email collection tool for lead generation. As well, visitors can see listing details, price, your Realtour virtual tours and your email address so they can contact you to get more information.

A neighborhood amenities feature tool allows visitors to find schools, shopping, restaurants and more by simply clicking the amenities that are important to them. These amenities will appear on the map along with your listings.

Integrated Marketing

Your unique House Hunt URL works in combination with Realtour virtual tours and email signatures.

Your tours will feature the House Hunt icon to link to the location of your property as well as all the nearby amenities that make your listing special. You can also add your House Hunt link to your Realtour email signature to instantly share all of your listings with every email you send and even add it to your eflyers, social media pages and websites.

Your free Realtour account is the first step to accessing this free tool. You can then select to have listings posted as you purchase your Realtour photo shoots, virtual tours or eflyers. It makes more sense than ever to use Realtour as your one stop real estate marketing experts with this new, free and seamless marketing tool.

Visit to see how it works or for more information.

*Listings must have a Realtour photo shoot, virtual tour or eflyer with a minimum of five images.

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