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How to Share Fun Interesting Info on Social Media

What was the last post you made to social media? Was it news about the recent listing you acquired, or perhaps a home you just sold? If so, you are not having as much fun with your social media pages as you should be. Social media is not just a tool to help sell houses. It is also a tool to help forge relationships and part of that process is sharing interesting, relevant and engaging information with your followers.

The Power of Links

Check out popular websites that will have articles your followers will enjoy. When you find something interesting whether it is some good, seasonally relevant recipes just before the long weekend, gardening tips, or ideas to make smart upgrades that can increase the value of a home, you can post that link to your social media pages and help create more followers as people choose to like, retweet or share them. As well, adding relevant, trustworthy links to your social media pages can help search engines find you so make sure you consider relevant keywords for your posts.

Design ideas like adding punches of color are always fun.

Design Ideas

A great place to find ideas to post can be found at This is a fun interactive tool that gives examples of design ideas and the images have “tags” that can be clicked to find details such as paint colors and sources to find similar décor items. You can post one a month or keep an eye out on the site and when you see something you like post it. (It’s also a great thing to share with clients who have just purchased a home who might have mentioned a project they might be starting).

Clip Some Advice

As a real estate agent you have a store of great advice from your experience as a property expert. Try posting little tidbits of advice now and then such as snapping before and after pictures of a curb appeal makeover you did for a client or a room you staged (with the owner’s permission of course). You can also post interesting local comps that might entice people to consider selling or even a link to a checklist to prepare people for a move.

Become the Town Crier

People love the appeal of an agent who lives and works in the community. You can make interesting posts about local events, upcoming new restaurant or shop openings and anything else you can think of that will help show off your inside knowledge of a particular area.

Like, Share and Retweet

When it comes to social media it is just as important to remain interested and engaged in the posts of others, as it is to keep your posts up to date. If you are "friends"or following clients’ make sure you check out the notices they are posting and make a nice comment or share their posts when appropriate. This helps build stronger relationships and also helps to get them more interested in what you are posting.

Subscribe to a Postable Newsletter

Online newsletters can also be posted to your website with helpful information homeowners will appreciate. For example you can subscribe to Realtour’s Ready to Send newsletters and post a new newsletter each week such as a lifestyle newsletter each Friday to give people ideas for entertaining.

These are just a few ways you can have more fun with your social media and continue to build stronger relationships with your clients. Stick to interesting, entertaining info for homeowners and you can’t go wrong!

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