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How to save Time if you are Tech Challenged

No matter how you look at it, using technology is a must for today’s real estate agent. Digital marketing is just one example of the challenges you might face if you are tech challenged. If you are constantly struggling with your computer it might be time to admit that you are just not that tech savvy. Once you do you will be able to focus on finding solutions to help save you time.

Classic Signs of the not so Tech Savvy

When trying to navigate the sometimes difficult terrain of digital marketing, there are some classic signs that will let you know you are not so tech savvy including:

  • You often feel disoriented when trying to do basic tasks, such as finding a document or image you saved on your computer.

  • You often can’t remember how to get back to a screen you were just viewing whether trying to upload images to MLS or copying text over from a Word document.

  • You do the same tasks over and over again on your computer, but you never seem to remember how you did it the last time.

  • You don’t know the difference between the terms upload and download.

  • You don’t know what a zip file is.

These are just a few examples that can make using a computer a nightmare. Each and every one of these signs have one thing in common: They all waste time

The First Step

Once you can take that first step and admit you are “tech challenged”, you can then decide what you want to do about it. You have three basic choices:

  1. Take a course (or courses) to learn what you need to know.

  2. Find an application or software that makes it easier to access the technology you need.

  3. Find an affordable service to have some of the computer work done for you.


Taking courses is a great option if you have the time. You might want to view taking courses as a sort of investment: It will take time up front, but the time invested will save you time in the long run. Keep an eye out for free opportunities offered by partners you work with such as Title companies. They often hold seminars for their clients to assist with everything from using apps they provide to marketing tips. You can also ask your assistant to give you some tips so you can at least learn the basics to avoid frustration.


Finding a software that will make it easier to manage might sound counter productive if you are already experiencing challenges with computer use and technology in general. However, there are DIY online applications you can use such as Realtour’s Marketing Suite that are designed to be user friendly. Understandably, if you are a self-processed tech challenged user, than there is a big “but” that comes with opting to use software: You must also opt to take a tutorial to use it properly. If you don’t you will probably be in even more of a pickle than you were before you decided to use the software in the first place.


The world of technology might cause you frustration, but it also offers some easy and affordable solutions that weren’t available in the past. Virtual Assistants are a growing trend that can assist people in business such as real estate agents with a long list of tasks without ever having to hire and pay someone to work in your office. You can engage a Virtual Assistant to build and prepare your marketing materials so you do not have to struggle with things such as virtual tours, eflyer templates and print materials. The materials are prepared for you at a fraction of the cost you would pay a graphic designer or agency. In fact it is even cheaper than hiring an office assistant and you do not have to continue having to navigate the difficult world of digital marketing. This can be the most cost effective way to manage not only your marketing materials, but also your time.

Realtour offers time saving, affordable solutions for the computer challenged including tutorials, software and virtual assistant services.

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