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How to reach More Buyers with your Virtual Tours

It is no secret that virtual tours are a must to sell houses. The number of buyers seeking homes online is ever rising which means demand to have the best possible exposure for your tours is also on the rise. If you are not using the right marketing strategy, your virtual tours will not get the instant results you are expecting. Here are a few tips to help you reach more buyers and their agents with your virtual tours:

Over 90% of buyers start their home search online and 51% prefer YouTube.

  • Best Exposure: Don’t forget that virtual tours must be posted to accessible websites for people to readily find them. Many agents do not realize that if their tour is not posted, people will not find it. Make sure you are posting your tour on the most popular websites which includes YouTube. According to a study done by NAR and Google, YouTube is actually the most popular site searched for real estate tours. The poll included all of the common syndicated real estate sites. You can set up an account and post them to your own YouTube channel or use the channel of your tour provider (if they have one). Also don’t forget your own website and social media.

  • Search Engine Optimization: Make sure that you use a virtual tour service that allows you to add Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO adds keywords to your tour within your listing details that will help people find you. Choose words that make sense such as Dallas home, Katy area family home, Woodlands home close to schools, etc. Location is very important for SEO and is one of the most commonly used criteria in home searches.

  • Treat it Like a Pro Marketer: Think of each tour as online marketing created by a pro. Make sure you make it easy for people to see what makes the property special. Use professional images capturing the best aspects of each room. Check the mapping tool on the tour to make sure it is appearing in the right place. Use effective descriptions that people can’t miss using captions, or a professional voice over. Include a PDF of your flyer that people can download and print. Realtour’s Platinum Tour provides the option to include a downloadable flyer PDF and also provides the flyer for free.

  • Send an Eflyer: Many agents have doubt as to how effective an eflyer can be for their marketing campaigns. However, you might be surprised to learn how often a simple mistake on MLS can make it difficult for people to find your listing information. As well, when you send an eflyer, buyers’ agents then have all the info they need including a link to your virtual tour to share with their clients. Your eflyer can also then be added to your tour as mentioned above, so viewers have the option to download the PDF and share it or print it for their own use.

Using these tips will help you reach more buyers and their agents. Realtour’s marketing suite makes it easy to reach the right people. Our virtual tours have the tools you need to post on YouTube and other syndicated sites, an effective SEO tool, PDF downloading tool and more. You also get a free Platinum virtual tour and print flyer with all photo orders.

One last note, if you are a big fan of eflyers, but aren’t using virtual tours, make sure you start doing so. Realtour eflyers come with a free bronze virtual tour that allows you to upload your images, add some music and then instantly add the tour link to your eflyer. When it is included for free, it would be crazy not to use it!

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