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How to be Smart when staging your Listing for Photos

Most agents know how important it is to have a well-staged home to help sell a listing quickly. However, you might be surprised how many agents miss some important details when it comes to preparing a listing for photography. Whether you are taking photos on your own, or have hired a photographer to come in and take them for you, it is important that you are smart when it comes to staging the home for photography. Here are some common things to double check before you start snapping photos.

Curb Appeal

These lovely red chairs add a punch of color.

You or the home owner might have arranged for some quick and easy landscaping, but it is easy to miss a few details that might show up in the photos including:

  • Hoses and other tools such as shovels, wheelbarrows, etc. peeking out from behind a bush or left "unnoticed" on the lawn

  • Debris that might have blown across the lawn or even lodged itself near the entry way of the home due to a windy night

  • Pristine front door lacking a smack of color such as a pretty urn or welcoming door mat=

Views and Windows

It is easy to miss some things that can take away from the benefit of windows such as curtains that are too short, blinds and window coverings that are wonky and crooked, too many closed drapes and blinds blocking natural light, etc. Even if the windows are perfect, it can get a little messy if the curtains are open to a view that might not be so appealing. Some things to look for:

  • Unsightly vehicles parked in driveway or outside on the street

  • Patches of overgrown or dried out lawn or garden areas

  • Mess from renovations

  • Trash cans

You get the picture.

Smooth and Primp

Make sure you do a once over in every room to smooth and primp things such as bed spreads, pillows, area rugs, drapes, towels, shower curtains, etc. Having everything looking neat and finished helps to complete the look of each room.

Overlooked Rooms and Spaces

There are rooms and features that are sometimes overlooked during the staging process such as:

  • Laundry Room

  • Walk in Pantry

  • Walk in Closet

  • Garage

These areas should be neatened in order to show off space and make everything look well maintained.


This pristine pool area demonstrates how attention to detail pays off.

The backyard is a very important aspect of the home, yet it is also an area that can easily have some details missed that could ruin your pictures. Much like the front of the home, look for issues such as:

  • Hoses and other tools such as shovels, wheelbarrows, etc.

  • Debris

  • Trash cans

  • Pool maintenance tools such as nets

  • Things floating in the pool

  • Messy pool covers

  • Dog toys or mess

  • Messy barbecue without cover

  • Outdoor furniture with cushions askew or missing

General Tips

There are a few more things you can do to make sure your photos are as impressive impossible including:

  • Remove all trash cans from each room during the shoot

  • Add new light bulbs to lamps and light fixtures and make sure light fixtures with multiple bulbs are all of the same type and wattage

  • Straighten lamp shades

  • Move out exercise equipment from any room other than a gym especially master bedrooms

  • Straighten area rugs

  • Neaten balls and cues in game rooms

  • Close utility panels in garage, laundry room, basement, etc.

Keep in mind that a professional photographer will be conscious of unsightly issues and do their best to keep them off camera. However, they are not responsible for worrying about the issues outlined on this list. Being smart by preparing prior to real estate photography will make your next photo shoot a snap!

Realtour offers an impressive line-up of professional real estate photographers and each pro shoot includes a free virtual tour and print flyer.

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