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The 5 Things Top Agents Never Compromise On

No doubt, there will always be times a real estate agent has to compromise in order to succeed. However, there are five things that top agents more than likely never compromise on.

  1. Referrals: Successful agents never compromise on keeping in touch with past clients to help generate referrals. They have various approaches that keep them at the top. For example, my real estate agent sold my house and found my home over 14 years ago. However I still get a calendar from him every Christmas and a newsletter for every special occasion from St. Patrick’s Day to Halloween and Christmas to Valentine’s Day. Have I asked him to sell my house? No. Have I referred him to every Tom, Dick and Harry selling theirs? Hell yah and you can bet each of those referrals is doing the same. Never tell yourself you don’t have time to keep in touch. You have to do it, or use a service that will do it for you.

  2. Lead Generation: Successful agents never compromise on working on lead generation every day. In fact, successful agents often have a lead generation plan that outlines how many people they have to talk to each day in order to meet their sales goals. They know how to let people know they offer a service and that they are not just a sales representative for their listing. Their business card and “Just Sold” postcards always state “If you or someone you know is ready to buy or sell, contact me today.” They understand that if the person reading their flyer or post card isn’t planning to sell, they might know someone who is.

  3. Staying Current: Successful agents never lose touch with how their clients think. Whether buying or selling, today’s house hunt or sale begins online. Think outside the box with ways you can draw attention to your services. Post a virtual tour that highlights the community with an easy lead generation tool built in and ask for email addresses on your website. Start a community Facebook page to start interesting conversations by posting things like your favorite restaurants, information about local events such as concerts or festivals and then build on meeting people from there. Post your eflyers and virtual tours regularly on your LinkedIn Page and grow your connections so you can reach as many local agents as possible with your latest listings.

  4. Repetition: A successful real estate agent never compromises on using the tried and true. They have learned how to succeed by repeating the things they do right, and stopping the things that don’t get results. They understand that just because an eflyer doesn’t work for one listing, they shouldn't stop sending them altogether. Whatever the approach they try it more than once, so they can confirm it is successful or not. They put into action a proven plan that repeats the same steps over and over again from the moment they acquire a new listing. They want “duplicable” scenarios they can depend on time and time again such as building on their just listeds/just solds. Their track record speaks for itself as the neighborhood sees the process they use time and again. Repetition shows how you sell houses because actions speak louder than words.

  5. Marketing Plan: A successful agent never compromises on working with an effective marketing plan. If you are working without a marketing plan, what are you telling potential clients you will do to sell their house? You have to have at least one campaign in place using professional images, an eflyer and virtual tour so you can show off your marketing materials. If they see you have a plan in place they know you are ready to go the moment they agree to list with you. If you don’t, it will be difficult for them to entrust their listing with you. A listing presentation will also assist you in outlining your strategy to sell including staging, pricing, marketing and negotiating.

The right tools help to establish your referral system, improve your networking and keep you up to date on how to reach out to new leads. provides the real estate marketing tools you need to avoid compromising on the most important aspects of lead generation, marketing and ultimately, success.

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