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How to Easily give your New Listing Pitch your All

Getting a call to set up a listing presentation is the first step to convincing a potential client to list with you. The second step takes some preparation that will require you putting in all you’ve got to have that client sign with you. Here are some tips to help your preparation make it all worthwhile:

  • Get Personal: Do a quick online search to see if you can find the seller's Facebook page or Linked In profile. This will help you get an idea of who they are, what they do and even some of their interests. You will also get an idea of their ages so you can get a feel for why they are selling i.e. are they empty nesters looking to downsize, or young parents who need a larger home?

  • Know the Property: Do a drive by of the home to get a feel for the condition, style and area. Make sure you have an idea about demand for this style of home, the market price and the usual information that will show you know your stuff. Consider taking a good quality image of their home that you can add to your listing presentation to personalize it and show them you took the time to bring their property into your presentation.

  • Bring Samples: Be prepared to show off your marketing skills by bringing examples of past eflyers, print flyers and even have a few links to your virtual tours. Today’s sellers have easy access to information about selling and will expect to have a marketing plan for their listing. By having samples to show them you will demonstrate you know what they want. You can even flash some statistics at them to help support the success of your past efforts.

  • Introduce your Team: If you have a team of professionals who assist you in your selling efforts, introduce them to the sellers as part of your presentation. For example, having a trusted photographer you use on a regular basis shows your clients you use the best professionals at your disposal to help sell their homes. Mention this is the same person who took the photos in the virtual tours you show them. Talk about your team at the office such as your trusty admin who will always be ready to get your paperwork processed or a Title Company you use to make the process as smooth as possible. All of these details show you are ready and have a process in place with dependable professionals there with you at every step.

  • Share Information: If this is their first time selling (or even if it isn’t) having some information that will help them through the process will be helpful and show them you care about their needs. Having some good old fashioned brochures that give them tips on selling such as staging tips, a check list of the most common repairs buyers will expect them to make as well as expected upgrades or design flaws buyers will be looking for will be helpful as well.

  • Discuss your Strategy: Walk them through your strategy outlining how you come up with a price, how you will help them stage their home, your marketing plan and even what negotiating skills you bring to the table. Sharing statistics about local housing prices, as well as what buyers are looking for will help explain your pricing and staging strategy.

  • Keep in Touch: After your presentation consider all you discussed and what further information you can provide to them to make choosing you an easy option. For example if they are retirees looking to downsize send them a newsletter covering tips on how to downsize. If they are in need of assistance in improving the curb appeal of their home, send them a newsletter with curb appeal tips. If they need to find a property that will accommodate their elderly parents, send them information on how to prepare a home that is safe and comfortable for people with mobility issues.

If you received a referral, the good news is that 62% of sellers will depend on someone they have been referred to, so you have a very good chance of retaining the listing. These tips will help you cover all the bases in order to have more clients entrust their sale to you.

Realtour offers reusable listing presentations that can be customized to suit each sellers’ needs.

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