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Why Now is the Best Time to reassess your Brand

Now is the best time to reassess your brand as you are entering into listing season. You are also knee deep in the digital age where the old school approach to marketing could be keeping you from reaching new clients. Here are a few tips to help with your reassessment and brand refreshing efforts:

  • Refresh: Are you still selling the same types of properties in the same neighborhoods? Any changes in your area of expertise has to be reflected in your brand. By reassessing your branding efforts you will have the chance to refresh your brand and make sure it matches the properties you are selling. A brand refresh can do wonders to bring your image up to date and will also work well with your digital marketing efforts. Speak with a graphic designer to help you create a new logo, new company colors and new fonts to breathe new life into your brand.

  • Consistency: Consistency is the single most important aspect of developing a trustworthy, recognizable brand. Consistency communicates the same message through all aspects of your marketing from your logo, to the colors you use and your tag line to the way you present your social media and website. By reassessing your brand you can begin anew with a commitment to remain consistent.

  • Marketing Collateral: Consider the marketing collateral you have been using. How does your brand work with each piece? How can you carry your brand across all of your marketing efforts? A good way to remain consistent is to work with a real estate marketing company that covers all of the services you need. You can have them create customized templates to reflect your brand for your eflyers and print materials. You can then apply your brand refresh to your virtual tours by choosing the right colors. You can also post your eflyers and virtual tour links to your website and social media pages to remain consistent in your presentation, wording and imagery.

  • Listing Presentation: If you are still using a printed hand out for your listing presentation it is time to look for a digital version. Using digital presentations on your laptop shows you are up to date with technology while providing a polished presentation to engage clients. Digital listing presentations allow you to customize each presentation with your brand colors, a picture of each client’s home, their address and name for a personal touch and review your marketing strategy to show off your new brand. You can also still leave a print version or CD behind for clients to review.

  • Digital Age: In order to move into the digital age you have to carry your brand over to your online presence with a consistent look and messaging on your website and social media. Don’t forget that having your own YouTube channel is a good way to connect with buyers who are searching online for information. YouTube is the number one choice for home buyers. In fact 51% of buyers prefer YouTube over any other real estate site. You can customize your YouTube page using their watermark feature to add your logo and you can also use an image to reflect your brand. You can then upload neighborhood virtual tours as an excellent way to connect with buyers in hand with virtual tours for each of your listings. This will help buyers in their search efforts which in turn will help you.

The question is, what is the simplest way to bring it all together? Realtour offers a complete suite of marketing tools in hand with customized graphic design services so you can create the perfect branding for all of your marketing collateral. From digital marketing such as virtual tours and eflyers, to print materials and listing presentations, you will have a consistent, professional look that is easy to carry across all of your marketing efforts.

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