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How to remain Top of Mind with your Clients

One of the best ways to remain top of mind with your clients is to take the time to get to know them. Understanding more about your clients, their families and things that might be of interest to them helps you become a trusted resource when it comes time for buying or selling a home.

Get to know them

By doing a quick search online you can learn a lot about a client. Visit their Twitter and Facebook pages and look at their profile on Linked In to learn more about their interests and accomplishments. If they are particularly active on a page with posts, look for little clues that might make it easier for you to connect with them or even opportunities to make a positive comment. Keep it professional and invite them to become a contact on LinkedIn as opposed to their personal pages on Facebook or Twitter to avoid coming across as a "stalker". Of course if they reach out to you with a friend request be sure to accept it promptly.

Professional versus Personal

Be alert to the two sides of your clients' lives: Professional and Personal. From a professional stand point keep notes on what they need be it buying or selling and then further those notes if a transaction takes place. You can then use this information to remain in contact based on news about the area, changes to the value of their home and even info about schools if they have kids. From a personal stand point basic things such as knowing what they do for a living, the names of their children, etc. are important. Pay attention to small talk so you can find little tidbits, such as they are looking to buy a used boat, helping their parents find a winter home, or are planning a vacation somewhere interesting. You can then be on the lookout for information you can share that will assist them in their personal pursuits as well.

Plan of Attack

It’s not enough to be on auto pilot as an agent. Have a plan of attack when dealing with each and every client. Contact plays a key role in your overall marketing strategy for the year. Consider the needs of each client and how you can provide them with value added service. If they are a first time buyer, make sure you have information to share with them on mortgages, the different types of houses, and choices such as eco-friendly homes or small spaces based on their needs. If they are a senior couple looking to relocate for retirement, share information on the types of retirement options available or even tips on downsizing. This provides a personal touch that shows you a) know your stuff and b) are an excellent resource to walk them through the process. And make sure contact does not end once a transaction is complete. It is almost more important that you maintain contact beyond the sale or purchase to keep those referrals coming and to be available when they are ready to make a move.

Drip Campaign

Drip marketing or drip campaigns provide consistent contact with clients and prospects in an informative way over time. It offers productive communication designed to help maintain and/or re-establish contact with leads and clients. You keep your contacts set in groups and then choose the type of “drip” best suited to be effective in nurturing the relationship.


Once you know more about a client you can use interests as an excuse to share meaningful information they can actually use. Email them a link to an article or blog post you come across that you think might be of interest to them. Share home ownership tips with them via a real estate newsletter, especially to new home owners who could use a hand with a DIY project, property maintenance or even tips on saving energy. Sending them a monthly home owners’ newsletter with interesting articles about issues they might be facing sent with a little note that you saw this newsletter and thought of them keeps you top of mind.

It’s all about building a long-term relationship that will not only bring them back to you for their next sale or purchase, but will also make them think of you when someone in their life needs a real estate agent.

Realtour offers an affordable monthly newsletter subscription with a free month trial offer that will help you easily provide clients with the information they need. You will find a wide assortment of targeted information for different types of clients in hand with seasonal information and tons of tips. It is the perfect way to stay in touch and generate repeat business and referrals.

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