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How to motivate More Buyers with Exciting Virtual Tours

If you are investing money in virtual tours but not seeing the results you had hoped, you might be missing the mark when it comes to composition. Here are some tips to help motivate more buyers by adding excitement to your virtual tours:

Hire a Pro Photographer

There should be no compromise when it comes to this all important feature of your virtual tours.

The images must be perfection if you want to sell houses. Your virtual tour is only as good as the quality of the shots you use. Choose wisely and invest in a pro photographer who specializes in HDR photography to capture the depth and drama of light. A real estate photographer will also know how to use the right angles to enhance room size, show off the rooms and features and to offer a polished look that will impress buyers rather than discourage them.

Keep it Short

Investing in professional images can sometimes make you feel like you have to use every single shot. However, you want to be careful not to let your virtual tour run too long. The better the images and the nicer the music the more likely people will be to continue watching, but let’s face it showing the same room over and over again with little difference in the angle or perspective does not an exciting virtual tour make. Choose the best shots and angles for each room and let the pictures do their job to show off the home for you.

Plan a Logical Path

Nothing is worse than trying to view a virtual tour that does not flow through the home properly. Set the stage with stunning images of the exterior of the home, walking up to the front door and entering the home. Follow a logical path through the home so people get a feel for the flow. If the flow is not as appealing as it should be show the rooms in a more pleasing manner to make it easier to view the tour.

Add Captions

Captions might seem like too much work, but they help to tell a story. Captions allow you to set the stage for the buyer’s new lifestyle. Tempt them with words that reflect the beauty of the home and the comfort it offers. Ask them to picture themselves whipping up a gourmet meal for family in the state of the art kitchen and serving it in their formal dining room overlooking the professionally landscaped yard. Tell them to imagine waking up in the stunning master bedroom and getting ready in the well-appointed spa like master bathroom. Show off the extra rooms and let them know how they can use them so they can picture an office, a gym or a guest room. Captions set the mood and introduce an aspirational overview of the life they could live in this home.

Have an Exciting Finish

Make the finish exciting by adding some aerial photography to show off the neighborhood, special features of the property such as a stunning pool and landscaped yard, out buildings, lovely mature trees, etc. Consider doing some exterior twilight shots with the front of the house lit up as a warm welcome. Include some shots of the backyard, primed for night entertaining with flickering candles and the pool lit up to seduce buyers into seeing they can live the lifestyle of their dreams.

Investing a little more time in hand with professional real estate photography will bring your virtual tours to the next level. They will excite, entice and best of all motivate buyers to want to see the house. Take a look at this tip filled tour.

Realtour offers the professional photography you need for stunning tours. All shoots include a free state of the art virtual tour and print flyer of your choice. If you already have your own professional photos, our virtual tour creator is easy to use and allows you to add music, branding and custom captions to enhance your tour experience.

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