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How to attract More Buyers with One Marketing Secret

Understanding how home buyers use technology can provide a very important clue to help with your real estate marketing efforts. One of the most important stats that you probably hear ad nauseam is the ever persuasive numbers that demonstrate the important role virtual tours play in the average house hunt. However, you might want to ask yourself what numbers you aren’t hearing about?

Community Searches

Although 70 to 75 percent of home buyers will use real estate virtual tours to get a peek at the inside of a home, when it comes to those seeking information about a specific community, 86 percent are seeking online video.

This little titbit of information provides you with a big opportunity. You can put together a virtual tour specific to your neighborhood to help more buyers find you. Through their research for your neighborhood they can not only find out more about the area, but also have immediate access to further links to tours for current listings you have on the market.


Many real estate agents do not realize that YouTube is the number one website home buyers use to find video for home tours as well as community information. At 51 percent, this is higher than broker websites (41 percent) or even aggregate listing websites (33 percent).

If you create your own YouTube channel you can become a trusted resource for people house hunting in the area. Combine community tours with virtual tours of homes listed in that area and you have a one, two punch. Buyers will be interested in viewing tours of your current listings as they will be in their preferred area.

Professional Photography of Area Features

Consider hiring a professional real estate photographer to shoot some major neighborhood features such as parks, facilities, shopping areas and even routes that will show the "walkability" of the area. If you don’t want to hire a professional photographer, use a good quality camera to drive around town and take your own shots of the sites you know will help draw buyers to the area.

If you live in the area, even better. You can use your intimate knowledge to highlight the things that attracted you to the neighborhood. Showcase all of the hidden gems and features that will make it better for buyers to get a good feel for the community.

Throw in some Stats

To make it a one stop video, throw in some stats that might be of interest to potential home buyers such as low crime rates, impressive school ratings, unemployment rates, housing prices in the area, etc. You can create a single slide in Power Point, save it as a PDF and then upload it to your tour for an added overview of information you think buyers might find helpful, and of course, persuasive. Make sure you brand the slide with your headshot and logo.

Add Captions for SEO

Use captions for SEO purposes and mention the community a number of times. This will help the search engines find you when buyers are searching online for community information.

The community virtual tour is one marketing secret that can help you generate more interest for your own website, your YouTube channel and of course your listings. You can use Realtour’s virtual tour tool to create an excellent community tour that can be posted on YouTube. You can also upload your Power Point slides in PDF formats, add captions and music and walk them through the area in a few minutes.

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