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5 Easy Steps that will Quickly improve your Brand

There are a lot of real estate agents in your area all vying for the same business. In order to help make yourself stand out from the crowd you need to work on your brand to make it more trustworthy, recognizable and effective. Here are five easy steps that will quickly help you improve your brand.

1. Identify your Brand

First sit down and consider the brand you wish to create. Look at the area you service, the type of real estate you sell and the customers you assist. Do you specialize in elite, specialty properties or cozy neighborhood homes? Are your customers first time buyers, savvy investors or maybe you specialize in finding retirement properties for seniors? These details will help you create a brand that best reflects the type of real estate services you offer while appealing to your target market.

2. Customization

Business cards that can be made online are a dime a dozen and don’t do much to customize your look. It is in your best interest to work with a graphic designer to come up with a customized look that will suit your brand, personality and business. Once you identify your brand, share these details with a graphic designer who can translate them into a look that is unique to you. This will help establish a unique and professional brand that clients will trust.

3. Consistency

Once you have customized your brand it is time to apply the look to your marketing materials. Consistency is the most important lesson of branding 101. If you are churning out real estate marketing materials with a different look every time, no one is going to know who is sending them. Instead, use your customized brand and apply it to everything you do from eflyers to virtual tours and brochures to postcards. Have your designer set up real estate marketing templates that you can use to create your flyers, brochures and all communication pieces for a professional look that is always consistent.

4. Maintain your Brand

Maintaining a professional image is very important to keeping your brand on track. Use real estate marketing tools that allow you to maintain your brand while communicating effectively with fellow agents so you can meet the needs of your clients. The marketing steps you take for one client are the footprints that will lead new clients to your services. Therefore you have to maintain your professionalism using the best possible tools such as professional real estate photography, virtual tours and eflyers that showcase properties and in turn showcase your commitment.

5. Listing Presentation

Using the same listing presentation for each client lacks initiative and is obvious to today’s savvy clients. Invest in a listing presentation that can be tailored to the needs of each client. You want to personalize the information for each listing presentation so that clients know that you are looking at their own needs. Using a template with your picture, logo and other agent information will tie in with your branding and add to the professionalism of your presentation. Using a template that is customizable with an image of your clients’ homes and their personal information personalizes your presentation to help you get new listings.

These five steps are simple, but powerful and will help you develop a brand that speaks volumes.

At Realtour we offer customized graphic design services for real estate agents. Our real estate marketing tools are easily adaptable to your branding needs and allow you to remain consistent with a professional look while reaching the right agents to sell properties.

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