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5 Easy Marketing Improvements that will get More Listings

There are many things the modern client expects in hand with good old fashioned customer service. Even if you generate most of your business through referrals, you still need to win them over. Consistent branding and marketing are hallmarks of professionalism. Here are five marketing improvements that will help you get more listings:

1. Technology

Clients expect to see their real estate agents using technology effectively. This means keeping in touch with them through email, texts and your cell. They want to know they can reach you when they need you and also feel wanted when you reach out to them with updates and information.

2. Marketing Plan

It is not enough to stake a sign on the front lawn and run an ad in the local papers. Today’s client wants to see a marketing plan that shows you are working on their behalf. That means outlining the approach you will take to announce their open house, show off their property and attract buyers’ agents. Your real estate campaigns should include:

3. Proven Results

This is where having a good marketing plan can come into play. Combining print and online marketing offers a ready-made way to show off your current listings and past efforts. If you are combining a number of marketing tactics it is easier to demonstrate your efforts and success. For example, distributing real estate postcards or brochures announcing the homes you have recently sold can show you sell houses in their neighborhood. Having virtual tours and eflyers to show off can let people see you put everything you got into each sale. They can also provide some vital statistics to show clients what you are doing on their behalf.

4. Online Presence

According to the National Association of Realtors, it is important for real estate agents to have an online presence. This is because 85 percent of real estate clients will start their search online. If they can find your listings online, view your virtual tours and read valuable real estate advice and testimonials on your website and social media, they will feel confident you are able to handle their listing.

5. Professional Listing Presentation

Last but not least, you want to wrap up all of your marketing efforts into a neat little package that makes it easy for clients to see your value. Having a customized listing presentation outlining your profile, your agency profile, your strategy for staging, pricing, marketing and negotiation and some testimonials to showcase your outstanding service makes it easier for you to show off your talent. You can also add personal touches such as a picture of the client’s home, their name and address and points specific to their area and needs.

The tools needed to communicate and market your listings have changed. Keeping up to date with the latest technology, using a combination of digital and traditional marketing tactics and above all else providing superior customer service provide the perfect reasons for a client to list with you. offers customizable listing presentations that are reuseable, digital and printer adaptable. We also have an entire suite of real estate marketing tools that are completely integrated for consistent branding and quality.

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