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3 Reasons you need SEO in your Virtual Tour Description

Whether you are posting your virtual tours on your own site, or on a number of different real estate sites, having search engine optimization can help buyers and buyers’ agents find your listing. Here are three reasons SEO is a must for your virtual tour descriptions:

  1. Search Engines: Search engines start churning every time a potential buyer does a search online. The more help you can offer them, the easier it is for them to find you. By using keywords that are relevant to the buyer you can help search engines such as Google zero in on your listing. Using a real estate virtual tour system that allows you to easily highlight your keywords from the number of bedrooms to the familiar term used for a popular neighborhood, will make it easy to add SEO without too much additional work.

  2. Home Buyer Habits: You probably have heard that more than 83 percent of today’s home buyers start their house hunt online. Before they even contact an agent, they are looking for homes, viewing virtual tours and visiting open houses thanks to their own searches online. SEO helps to make sure that during their search they are more likely to find your listings. A virtual tour in hand with SEO will help bring your listings closer to the top of the rankings.

  3. Your Listing Description: While writing an effective listing description, it is worth taking a little more time to highlight keywords that will attract the right buyers. When you write your listing description, pay careful attention to opportunities to add keywords. You want them to appear naturally in your descriptive sentences and to be as specific as possible. For example mention a “hip” name for a tiny area within a high demand neighborhood, use a specific descriptor for features such as reclaimed wood floors or brick fireplaces or even a desirable home builder known for building exceptional homes with plenty of upgrades. All of these words should be mentioned in your listing description to help fine tune your keywords. You should also be mindful of common keywords such as homes for sale in Austin, or the city that applies. These will be searched often and will assist with your SEO efforts.

The Realtour virtual tour tool makes adding SEO to your listing description easy.

Using keywords and SEO opportunities improves exposure for your virtual tours and in turn for your listings. If you wish to add SEO to your virtual tours simply go to your SEO tab while making your tour, cut and paste your listing description into the main box and then type in the keywords you wish to highlight for SEO purposes. It's virtually effortless real estate marketing!

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