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Customization Key to Successful Listing Presentations

When it comes to making effective listing presentations, customizable templates are the key to your success. Being able to easily add or remove copy, update images and add your clients’ personal information while speaking to your unique value proposition is an absolute must to help set yourself apart from the competition.

You have to show clients how you are going to sell their property. Customized listing presentations will explain your marketing strategy, how you reach buyers’ agents for successful open houses and demonstrate past results. You will quickly and effectively showcase your selling technique, experience and past successes.

Very few agents have the time or inclination to waste hours preparing an outdated power point presentation for every new client. The result is many agents using one listing presentation for everyone. Customized presentations can give you the edge over the competition.

  • Client’s name, address and even a photo of their home to make it a personal presentation they can relate to

  • Referrals from past clients

  • Designs to suit your taste with a wide selection of colors to match your brand and logos

  • Easy to use templates that allow you to showcase your skills and experience as well as the benefits of working with your particular agency or brokerage

  • Pre-written copy covering strategic advantages of your approach including Staging, Pricing, Marketing and Negotiating

  • Editable pages as well as the option to delete pages based on your clients’ needs

  • Rights to use the template as often as needed

Realtour offers an online Listing Presentation software that provides all of these features. The original template remains in your account and can be accessed whenever you need it from any computer, smart phone or tablet ideal for presenting on the go. A single one-time fee provides you with limitless use for effective, customizable listing presentations that win new clients.

Visit to create your first listing presentation today!

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