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How to Easily reach Agents & Buyers with One Eflyer

It might seem a little misleading to state that you can reach agents and buyers with one eflyer. It is actually more accurate to state that if you find the right eflyer service you can reach not only buyers’ agents but buyers themselves.

Specializing in Real Estate

If you are using a general eflyer provider that does not specialize in real estate marketing, then chances are you are not only missing out on effective real estate marketing campaigns, but also not reaching the right audience. An eflyer provider that focuses on real estate will have a better list of agents in your area, as well as provide you with a bundle of services that does not end with your eflyer purchase.

Start the Campaign

With the right email marketing company, your eflyer will kick off your campaign and announce your new listing. You will reach the right buyers’ agents to announce your listing and open house date. Your eflyer will then become the basis of your campaign and the only thing that will cost you money.

Free Virtual Tour

The right eflyer service provides the tools you need to reach buyers.

When you use a real estate eflyer service that also provides you with the tools you need to sell

houses, everything becomes easier and more affordable. An eflyer company specializing in real estate marketing is the only service that will provide you with other important marketing tools such as virtual tour services and photographers. Yes, you can opt to go with a photographer who throws in the virtual tour for free, but you still have to find another company to send your eflyers.

However, when you can get a free virtual tour by sending one eflyer you are not only killing two birds with one stone, but also tapping into the much needed buyers’ market. The numbers keep changing, but they also keep rising with an estimated 90 percent of home buyers starting their home search online. You need to have a virtual tour they can find. Your eflyer reaches buyers’ agents, but your virtual tour reaches buyers.

Post it to Social Media

By sending one eflyer that provides a web version you can then post your eflyer on your website and social media sites. You can provide a handy link that again, not only allows you to reach buyers’ agents but buyers directly. Your eflyer link can be enhanced with a stunning image of the house and of course a link to your virtual tour.

Free Print Flyer

Last but not least, you know you still depend on print flyers. An eflyer that is easily converted into a PDF provides you with a free print flyer that is consistent in your branding and saves you the money of having a separate print flyer, postcard or brochure made up. is the only elfyer company that specializes in real estate while offering the other tools you need to succeed. Not only do we have the tools, but by sending just one eflyer using our service, you receive a free bronze virtual tour and a free print version of your eflyer. Realtour allows you to send one elfyer to kick off your campaign and then provides the follow up tools you need to expand your reach to both agents and buyers.

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