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How Real Estate Eflyers Enhance Your Reach

The best way to sell a house is to get your listing information in front of as many buyers’ agents as possible. A targeted eflyer blast will reach as many buyers’ agents as you wish to target without depending on them to find you on MLS.

Using the Push Method

The first thing a buyers’ agent does when they get a new client is go to the MLS to search homes. They make a list and send it to their client. This is a pull system, where the agent has to go to the MLS to get the info needed. However, eflyers use a push method that allows you to literally push info to the agent and trigger a "that is just what my client is looking for” response. They are happy to receive the email as it is less work for them.

Email Marketing Works

Your MLS listing can be listed on the market after tons of agents did their MLS search. What if they miss that listing? The eflyer method gets the listing in front of buyers’ agents faster and they view the listing because it can result in potential earnings for them.

Agents that use eflyers are always repeat users because they see results following every eflyer blast they send. When Realtour first offered our eflyer program, one of our best customers asked "Why would I use an eflyer when all the listings are in the MLS and an agent just has to go there to get the listing info?" We told him to try it just once and he became a regular eflyer customer because of the responses he got off his first blast.

Targeted Audience

Realtour has the best delivery method on the Internet. Almost all of our competitors have the same old, out dated lists sorted by zip as this is the easiest way for a non skilled programmer to sort with zero effort. Realtour has expert programmers who make the effort to maintain a comprehensive list of active agents and email addresses so your eblast always hits interested buyers’ agents.

Stop depending on the pull method. Use the push method by using the most effective and affordable eblast and eflyer system in the business with a new Realtour account.

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