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3 Tips for Better Results on your Email Marketing Campaigns

When you invest money in an email marketing campaign, you want to ensure your email reaches as many interested real estate agents as possible. Here are three tips on how you can improve your reach and avoid being marked as SPAM:

  1. Smart Targeting: You want to reach as many interested buyers’ agents as possible. Believe it or not, this does not always mean blasting your email marketing out to as many agents as possible. You want to target the agents who will most likely be interested in your listing.

Smart targeting is all about quality over quantity.

Consider the geographic areas that will have active buyers looking for properties such as yours. You have to look at the map and think about who will want to see your home and who will be more likely to have a client who is looking in your area. Remain within the logical boundaries that make the most sense so you condense and concentrate your search for better results.

  1. Less is Often More: It is very easy to think that you might be missing out on agents with a client looking to relocate. Yes, there are always people looking for homes outside of their current area. The problem is there is no way for you to know where these agents are located. Since you honestly can’t foresee where you will find these agents, it makes more sense not to try to find them by going too far beyond the logical boundaries. Again, stick to the areas that make the most sense to keep costs down and response levels up.

  2. Sensational Subject Lines: Nothing turns an honest agent off more than sensational subject lines that appear too “Spammy”. As an email marketing rule keep in mind that people in general are a little wary of caps, too many exclamation marks and blatant comments that appear to come across as false advertising. You want to get across the most important points that will attract them to the property such as dates and times for open houses as opposed to draws, bonuses and lunches if they attend. The majority of agents might take offence to you enticing them with bonuses and free lunches as it insinuates they are not working in their clients’ best interest. Instead mention things such as the date and address, the location especially in high demand areas or a sought after feature that is hard to come by in the current market. Use facts not hype to remain trustworthy and professional.

Remember your email marketing campaigns are a worthwhile investment and you want to see the best possible ROI. The more targeted and effective your email campaigns, the better results you will see. has a special mapblast tool to assist you in targeting the right agents for your email estate marketing campaigns

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