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Five Real Estate Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time of year to reach out to former clients and contacts and work to generate leads. Here are just a few easy and affordable ways to market yourself over the holiday season.

  1. Traditional Holiday Cards: Chances are you already have a mailing list of all of your past and current clients. Sending hand written holiday cards is the perfect way to thank them for their business and potentially help generate referrals.

  2. Fundraiser: Arranging a fundraiser is a great way to demonstrate your sense of community

during the holidays. You can arrange a food or toy drive and have people drop donations off at your office. This is a perfect arrangement as it brings people into the office while profiling your brokerage as a caring business that puts people first. You can then send out a press release to local media to see if you can get some coverage as well as eflyers to local agents.

  1. Open House with Santa: Holding an open house with Santa for a few hours at your office is a great way to mingle and get to know people. You can have a simple invite you drop off in the area and even arrange for an RSVP postcard to encourage people to call the office. As part of your decorations display current listings and recently sold homes on a festive bulletin board. This is a good way to let people see the current value of their homes. Have a photo station set up for kids to get their picture taken with Santa with a backdrop that displays your logo. Have branded goodie bags for the kids and raffle off a toy as a way to collect emails or phone numbers.

  2. Christmas Countdown: Start a Christmas countdown using a branded newsletters via email. Share tips, recipes, decoration and entertaining ideas to keep people engaged. People are always looking for new ideas during the holidays and they will appreciate you thinking to include them. You can also print some off and ask local shops to put them at their front counter.

  3. Photo Contest on your Website/Social Media: Have fun on your website and social media running a contest for funniest holiday pictures, most festive pet or best holiday decorations. Offer a prize for the best entrants and help get people into the holiday spirit.

It’s all about combining traditional and modern marketing techniques to generate leads and encourage referrals during the holiday season. Don’t forget to include the people who help you with referrals throughout the year such as fellow agents, insurance companies, title companies, lawyers and financial institutions. has a lovely selection of eflyer templates ready for your holiday sentiments, as well as Ready to Send Holiday newsletters from Thanksgiving to New Years.

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