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5 Reasons Winter is the Season to use Newsletters

You are a busy real estate agent working on auto pilot throughout the listing season. As winter rolls in it is easy to want to slow down. However winter it is not an excuse to stop your marketing efforts. Here are five reasons winter is the season to use newsletters to keep in touch:

  1. Winter is the season of holidays which provides you with the perfect opportunity to send out a folksy newsletter filled with fun ideas for decorating, recipes, entertaining, gift buying and all things Christmassy. Clients are more likely to look at this as a nice touch on your part. And let’s not forget New Years’ and Valentine’s Day as an excuse to reach out in January and February.

  2. The changing of the seasons is always a good time to share information with homeowners. You can look for information that is suited to your climate and offer tips on maintenance, heating and/or cooling, garden care, great DIY projects for winter, etc.

  3. Keeping in touch during the winter will keep you top of mind come spring when people consider selling their home. A monthly general newsletter that shares interesting facts about the real estate market will keep people interested in the value of their home and help them see the benefits of making a move come spring.

  4. Sending newsletters with information specific to your clients’ city and location also help show them that you know the area. Interesting snippets about the area such as a link to current events, a fun new shop, a hot restaurant or even a home décor trend will help them see you have a passion for the area and understand home ownership.

  5. Keeping in touch with interesting and relevant information might also have clients sharing the newsletter with friends and family. This in turn can generate some new leads for you.

Although newsletters are a marketing tool that can be used all year long, they become even more important in the winter. Sharing a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter throughout the winter months will help keep you top of mind when listing season returns. offers a wide assortment of pre-written and designed Ready to Send newsletters ready to share with clients throughout the winter months available in both electronic and print versions. You can access our print newsletters by logging onto your account, clicking Print Materials and selecting 2 sided/Newsletters or Brochures/Newsletters to find the Newsletter library.

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