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5 ways single property websites help your marketing efforts

Single property website

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A single property website does not just provide better exposure for your listing. It also provides exposure for all your listings as well as yourself! This makes it an amazingly affordable marketing tool you should take advantage of for your high profile listings.

Here are five ways Realtour single property websites help your marketing efforts:

1. Full gamut of information

A good single property website allows you to include the full gamut of information you wish to share about the property. Mapping, videos, walkthrus, and bigger, bolder images are all front and center for buyers to flip through at their leisure.

2. Easy contact

Single property websites act not only as an impactful advertisement for your listings, but also make it easy to contact you right away to arrange for viewings or more information.

3. Forward to a friend

Forwarding a single property website to friends is a way potential buyers can get more excited about a listing. They share with friends and get positive feedback which makes them want the home even more. On the flip side, you know that anyone who is buying a home has shared their news with friends and family. That usually means friends and family join in the hunt and can easily forward anything they find to their loved ones. Everyone loves to have bragging rights to being involved in major life landmarks and finding the perfect home for a friend or family member certainly falls under this category.

4. Advertises you

Your single property websites are a great advertisement for you as well. Your contact form is there and people can see the effort you put into selling your listings.

5. Shows off all your listings

Realtour single property websites allow you to show off all the listings in your account. That means you are not only advertising the property on the website, but all of your properties complete with information, images and a tour.

Realtour's single property websites are available in two ways:

  • They are free with Realtour professional photo shoots*

  • They can be purchased for $29.99 ready for your own images, videos, Matterport 3D and panos

If you currently have a Realtour account with Platinum virtual tours you can update to a single property website for free. If you currently have a Bronze, Silver or Gold virtual tour in your Realtour account, you can upgrade to a Platinum tour for a nominal fee to update to a single property website.

*Photography services are not available in all areas.

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