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3 Great Ways to send Holiday Greetings to Clients

The holidays offer the perfect opportunity to reach out to clients without feeling you are being pushy. Here are three easy and affordable ways to send holiday greetings to your clients this holiday season:

1. Text Only Eflyers: The Personal Touch

If you want to send a personal note to your clients for the holidays, using an eflyer service with text only templates is the perfect solution. Holiday themed eflyer templates help bring the joy of the season to your clients and at the same time allow you to send your own personal sentiments to let your clients know how much they mean to you.

Choosing templates that act as a visual trigger creates an emotional connection with your clients and are always ideal. Images of children, brightly colored lights, ornaments and gifts are all familiar holiday imagery that triggers that emotion of traditions, family and the magic of the season.

2. Holiday Newsletters: Fun Holiday Tips to Share

Finding ready made holiday newsletters is the second option that works well. You can send holiday tips that provide helpful, entertaining reading for your clients without being intrusive. You can even choose to send a new tip each week, or every few days as a way of staying in touch during the build up to the holidays.

As with a personalized message through eflyers, the holiday newsletter also triggers an emotional response that can help provide a bond with your clients. And of course, the more interesting and fun the tips and suggestions, the more value it can bring to your relationship.

3. Email Signatures: Send a Seasonal Message with Every Email

Using a seasonal email signature is a great way to spread holiday cheer. It is an affordable option that works on many levels and shows your holiday spirit. For a low price you will have it to reuse year after year.

Realtour offers both blank holiday templates and ready made newsletters through their eflyer service. Click here for more information, and instructions on how to find and send your holiday eflyers and newsletters. You can also use their holiday esignature templates to spread holiday cheer.

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