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How to use PDF's to make your Marketing Easier

Whether you are creating an eflyer or virtual tour in your Realtour account, being able to use PDF’s makes it easier to use the images you have at hand. This new feature allows you to upload PDF’s to help with your marketing efforts in a number of ways.

One Format, Multiple Purposes

If you have print flyers made through your office or a graphic designer the artwork is usually saved as a PDF. This format allows you to capture all the elements of your printed document as a single image. It is easy to send out an eflyer blast using the same artwork you have used for your print flyers. To send out an eflyer using your PDF images follow these simple steps:

  • Log onto your account and click your eflyer icon on your dashboard.

  • Click Create Listing

  • Enter the listing address, or if you are not advertising a specific address, add the name of the flyer in the address line in hand with your town, state and zip code as we have done here:

  • Click continue to go to the Template Library

  • Click the Blank Templates category and click select for the blank template that works for your flyer size as shown here:

  • Click the Photos button on the editing panel and then click the upload image button to upload your PDF.

  • Drag and drop your PDF into the blank template as shown here and continue to the Mapblast tool to send out your eflyer:

PDF's and Virtual Tours

You can also use PDF's in your virtual tours. Any standard image saved as a PDF can be uploaded to your tour including floor plans using these steps:

  • Log onto your account and click the Virtual Tour icon

  • For new listings, click the Create New button and complete the listing details form.

  • For an existing listing, click the edit button.

  • Click the Photos tab.

  • If you are adding an image to appear in the tour click the photos sub tab, and for floor plans click the floor plans tab.

  • Upload your PDFs by clicking the upload images button.

You can save time by using existing artwork for eflyers and farming orders as well as add some exciting features to your virtual tours such as floor plans, power point slides with community information or stats, and more. For more information or assistance you can always pop onto our online support.

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