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How to build on those fast sales

If the market is so hot you are selling homes as soon as they are listed, you want to invest in marketing that will help you get more listings. It is easy to decide not to market a home if you think (or know) it will sell with multiple offers. However, in a market this hot you have to be out there investing your marketing dollars in self-promotion instead.

SOI Newsletters

Reaching out to your SOI is important in a hot market. It allows you to keep in touch with people who might be thinking of selling as well as remind them you are ready for their referrals. Share relevant information that is either seasonal tips, DIY tips, selling tips, etc. and make sure you add your own message offering insights about the market in the area. Look for a newsletter service that offers ready to send newsletters as often as you wish, custom branding and most importantly the option to incorporate your own personal message. Another great feature is a newsletter product that allows you to post and share your newsletters on social media to provide useful information followers will enjoy.


Getting your postcards out there after each sale will help build your profile as a trusted and effective real estate agent in your area. When homes are selling fast and even better yet, above asking, your postcards will reach people in the area who might be enticed to sell, or contact you to find out what is happening in the market.

Flyers and Brochures

If you even need to book an open house, make sure you have flyers or brochures about the area and yourself to hand out. Keep in mind curios neighbors might spot your open house and want to come in and snoop. Handouts can arouse interest in selling when people see quick sales and excellent prices which can translate into more listings in the area for you.

Listing Presentations

Investing in a reusable listing presentation will allow you to have quick access to an on demand sales tool you can adapt for your meetings with new clients. Look for a product that allows you to add important information such as comps, marketing plans, what sets you apart, and testimonials. You also want an adaptable format so you can provide a printed hand out, or even email a link for people to view online.

The take away here is that a hot market is not the time to stop marketing. Instead it is the time to focus on marketing yourself so you can share in the wealth. A Realtour account offers the branded marketing tools you need to reach your SOI as well as entice new clients.

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