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How to get Positive Results for your Listings

It would be nice to think there is a magic formula that you could use to get the best possible results for your listings. Unfortunately it is never that easy as there are so many factors at play. The quality of the property, the demand in the area, the current housing market, price and even emotion are all factors that can make an impact when it comes to selling real estate. So you are probably thinking, “Tell me something I don’t know!” There are some formulas that do work better than others and by taking a look at the best results* from our clients’ marketing efforts we have been able to come up with a few helpful tips that can get positive results for your listings.

  • Eflyers: Although a lot of agents might be groaning and rolling their eyes at the mention of eflyers again, all of our top agents are using eflyers to generate more views for their marketing and virtual tours. It only makes sense that this push method of marketing generates more interest by getting your listings in front of buyers’ agents. And there is no secret that many agents don’t want to see it or hear about it. Even though it is in their best interest to get a first-hand look at hot properties hitting the market and the inside scoop on open house dates, reductions and more, they just don't want another email landing in their inbox. However, they are not the ones you want to reach. Don’t worry about the naysayers, they have already unsubscribed from all of the mailing lists. It is the ones who are on the list you want to reach, so sending eflyers is well worth the effort.

  • Repeat Campaigns: We were surprised to note that many of our top 10 listings* were sending out multiple campaigns for the same property. You are probably thinking, “Right, that’s what I need to do, drive people crazy with too many emails.” And frankly you would be right. However, the key to the success lies not in multiple email blasts, but more so on doing it when logic dictates. Remaining in contact with agents and letting them know of pertinent updates on a property works well. For example, you send out your initial eflyer and the buyers’ agent sees it is a good prospect for their client until they see the price. If you have a reduction in price, announcing the reduction will catch that agent’s attention and they will show it to their clients this time around.

  • Designated Property Website: This is a little option we offer agents for their virtual tours. It might seem like a wasted investment, however, the agents who tend to get the best hits on their virtual tours have often created a unique website URL specific to their listing address. A good reason this might work well is that buyers who see a property for sale and want details without talking to an agent will search by address on line. One of the first links they will see for their search will be the designated property website as it will be an exact match to their search.

  • Pro Photos with Aerials: This is for a listing with a nice property and intriguing landmarks. You might be of the opinion that the reason it is getting so many views, is because it is a specialty listing and you would probably be right. However, even a spectacular property that is not shot effectively will tank when it comes to views and interest. So aerial shots go a long way by showing an impressive view that better captures the property in all its glory.

Despite all of the factors that can help make or break a sale, there are some marketing approaches that can certainly raise the odds in your favor. Realtour offers the user friendly tools you need for affordable yet effective integrated marketing campaigns.

*Based on number of views per campaign

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