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How to Effectively boost your Eflyer Results

When it comes to real estate eflyers Real Estate Agents seem to either love them or hate them. And the haters really hate them. However, despite this fact eflyers continue to be one of the most effective ways to get your message out about a new listing, open houses, price reductions, etc. Here are a few ways to help you effectively boost your eflyer results using eflyer best practices:

Subject Line

There are two reasons the subject line of your eflyer is so important

  1. First of all, the subject line of your eflyer is the first thing people will see in their inbox. Therefore getting to the point is the best way to catch the recipients’ attention. Avoid sensationalizing the subject line and instead focus on the benefit to the agent so they want to read the rest of your content. This will avoid disappointment if they do decide to read it. It will also entice those agents who tend to be leery of eflyers to see it is a legit attempt to reach out and share information about a listing you really feel their clients will appreciate.

  2. Secondly, the subject line is also the first thing spam filters read. By avoiding sensationalized subject lines you will also avoid spam filters. That includes common spam tactics such as using all caps, the use of misleading words such as free, and adding lots of exclamation marks. Avoiding these tactics will help to make it clear this is a business email more than a sales or unsolicited email.

Mailing List

It is no secret that the mailing list you use will help improve your results. Using a company that updates their email list on a regular basis is very important to ensure you are not mailing out to a “dead” list. You want to make sure that when email addresses are collected, they are also filtering out names of people who have opted out of receiving eflyers.

It is also a good idea to have a list of your own that you begin to grow through interactions with local agents. The reason this is important to improve your results is that this group of people are familiar with your listings and area. They will be glad to check out your eflyer in case it is something their clients are seeking. This way you are reaching two groups of agents: Those who know you and those you can get to know.

Follow the Rules

There are a lot of eflyer companies out there promising the world and these are usually the ones with whom you want to be cautious. There are very strict rules regarding eflyer campaigns. You want to be certain that the company you are using adheres to all of them. The rules include:

  • Having a clearly marked unsubscribe option

  • Showing the contact information clearly from the person sending the eflyer

  • Ensuring that anyone who uses the unsubscribe link has their email address removed from the mailing list within 48 hours

If any of these rules are broken there is a very good chance that your eflyers will be blocked by spam filters.

Be Succinct

As an agent you know what other agents are seeking. Make sure the most important points are covered in your eflyer so they get the big picture quickly and easily.

Be Professional

Professional photography is a must if you want to show the property in the best light. Most companies offering easy to use eflyer templates have designed the templates to accommodate photos taken by a camera not a cell phone. If you want your eflyer to show well, you want to use the best quality images and choose the ones that will show off the best features of the home. In hand with exceptional photography, make sure your virtual tour is well presented even if it is just with the basics such as smooth transitions, a logical walk through of the home and music to help set the pace. This will allow agents to view the home in full and also have a reference to share with clients.

Following these rules will help increase interest while avoiding aggressive spam filters.

At Realtour we offer a compliant eflyer service that keeps an up to date list of agent email addresses while following the rules to ensure your eflyer is not regarded as spam. Your eflyer always includes a free Bronze virtual tour making it easy for agents to share the listing with clients. For your convenience we also offer DIY eflyer services as well as affordable virtual assistant services to build your eflyers and real estate marketing materials for you.

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