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Free listing tool

House Hunt

We are the only real estate marketing company providing a FREE lead generation service to share all of your active listings* with clients and buyers’ agents with one easy link.

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Google map for listings

What is House Hunt?

House Hunt automatically collects all of your
  active Realtour listings* and places them on a
  Google Map.

Visitors can hover over each house icon to see
  details, price and virtual tours.

Your email address can be clicked to contact you
  to get more information.

Your House Hunt link only features your listings*,
  not every house for sale in your area.

A Search Listings button also allows
  visitors to see all Realtour listings*
  which means more exposure through
  your fellow agents’ accounts.

Search tool also provides an email
  collection tool for lead generation.

Visitors can use the neighborhood
  amenities feature to find schools,
  shopping, restaurants and more by
  simply clicking the amenities that are
  important to them.

Real estate listing map

Virtual Tours

House Hunt also works in combination with our virtual tours. Your tours will feature the House Hunt icon to link to the location of your property as well as all the nearby amenities that make your listing special.

Listing tool for agents
Real estate email signature

Email Signatures

Automatically add your House Hunt link to your Realtour email signature to instantly share all of your listings* with every email you send.

Online real estate map

Share Your

House Hunt Link

You can also copy your House Hunt link and post it on your social media pages, website and eflyers.
This is just another way we make your real estate marketing

virtually effortless.

HouseHunt Slideshow

House Hunt is a free marketing tool designed for use by Realtour clients. You must first set up your free account in order to have your listings* appear on House Hunt. If you already have an account, you must login and create a new listing.

* Only listings with a purchased photo shoot, virtual tour or eflyer and a minimum of five uploaded images will appear on House Hunt.

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