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Your clients will now receive a Single Property Website with their free Platinum Virtual Tours. The Single Property Website allows visitors to view the standard virtual tour as part of its features. 

Selling Tips

Selling Tips         

Your clients will receive a Single Property Website with their Platinum Virtual Tours. The Single Property Website allows visitors to view the virtual tour as part of its features. 

Our new Single Property Websites are FREE with all photography orders as well as our Platinum Individual and Group Discount Packages.

If your clients don’t use Realtour for photography, they can upload their own media to create their Single Property Websites for just 29.99!

•  89% of buyers prefer images when house hunting online. Our new Single Property Website
   offers a full screen slide show for easy viewing.
Tip: Show clients who don’t use our
   photographers how easy it is to create a Single Property Website using their own media.


•  50% of buyers find tours helpful. Our Single Property Website offers the choice to view
   images as a tour and are also compatible with Matterport 3D, video, panos and Realtour walk
   thru tours.
Tip: Your clients can select the new Single Property Website for all existing
   Platinum virtual tours and upgrade their Gold, Silver and Bronze tours to take advantage of
   this new product.


•  85% of buyers want property details when viewing homes online. Our Single Property
   Website is a website entirely dedicated to your clients’ property and includes as much
   information as they wish to include.
Tip: Show your clients how to quickly add their property
   details, as well as upload and add images to floor plans, and add a downloadable flyer.


•  97% of real estate agencies show all their listings online. All active listings in your clients’
   Realtour accounts are automatically added to their Single Property Website keeping them
Tip: Encourage them to use Realtour services for their PDF’s, eflyers and
   photography orders so they are added to all their Realtour property websites!

*Not available in all areas.

Selling Features       

•  Easy to use navigation in a contemporary website format with links to slide show, virtual tour,
    videos, Matterport 3D, walk thrus and more

•  Agent contact form

•  Single or double agent branding on dedicated Contact link

•  Interactive floorplans with images

•  Download flyer

•  Forward to a friend

•  Sleek mobile friendly format

•  Same simple upload and media management as our standard virtual tour format

•  Free Realtour domain name includes endless, free hosting OR

•  Upgrade with Single Property Website domain name and one year of hosting for just $19.99

Selling Features

How to Order       

For steps to creating or ordering a Single Property Website through a photography order OR using their own images click here. (links to blog)


Revert to Standard Tour


For clients who do not wish to use the Single Property website, your client can follow these simple instructions to revert to the Classic Virtual Tour:

•  Log onto the account

•  Click the Virtual Tours icon

•  Select Change Player from the Options drop down menu for the listing

Upgrade Existing Virtual Tours

•  Platinum Virtual Tours: Select the new Single Property Website by clicking Change Player
   from the Options drop down menu.

•  Gold, Silver and Bronze Virtual Tours: Upgrade tours by clicking Change package on the
   Options drop down menu and then selecting the Platinum tour.  Charges will apply.

How to Order

Demos and Tutorials       

You can also set up one on one or group tutorials/demos for yourself or your clients with our training expert by emailing

Once you are familiar with this tool, use Single Property Websites as a great excuse to reach out to your clients and set up a demo.

Demos and Tutorials
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