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How to Send your FREE Realtour eFlyer!

Log onto your account

Make sure your account is up to date with your head shot, logo and contact information.

   For easy instructions on proper account set up click here.

Once your account is set up properly go to Marketing and select eFlyer.

Fill in your property details making sure to include your property description

Select the template you wish to use

Your listing information will appear as well as the contact information from your account

Upload all your images

Drag and drop your images into the green boxes on the template

Go to the links tab to add your subject line

The URL for your free property website will appear

You can add two more links here as well

Select the area you wish to target using the mapblast tool for up to $25

   For easy instructions on how to create your eFlyer click here.

Email when it is proofed and ready to go and we will send it for free*.

*Up to $25 value

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