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Customized Farming

Reach the ideal target market to introduce listings, just solds and more with our customizable postcard templates and state of the art farming tool.

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Free Postcard Templates

Choose from hundreds of farming postcard templates that auto-populate with your branding and message. Upload images to drag and drop for your listings or you can use your own artwork with our blank templates.

Map Out An Area

Our mapping tool will land in a center point within your listing address location. You select the area you wish to target on the map and we will show you the number of consumers and the price to print and send out your farming order.

Custom Polygon Tool

Our unique polygon tool allows you to get as exact an area as you desire. Just click and drag the tool to select the area you wish to target.

Customized Mailing Lists

Choose a general consumer list or use our filters to suit your specific criteria. Your consumer list numbers tally in real time based on the filters you select and is compiled by the nation’s leading Resident/Occupant mailing list provider.

Prepare Your Postcard

Choose from hundreds of postcard templates or use your own artwork with our blank templates.

Direct To Consumer

Your PDF and consumer mailing list are automatically sent to the printer. Your postcards will be printed and delivered direct to the consumer without the need to deliver to a post office.



Pricing for farming cards and postage is below. You can use our general mailing list of addresses for $0.034 per address or choose from a list of filters to make your target area more precise. Filters start as low as $0.009 per address.

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