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Title Companies

Edge out the Competition

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Realtour makes it easy to edge out the competition with customized Marketing Suites designed to help your clients succeed. Our highly skilled development team of programmers, designers and copy writers can build a unique, custom designed integrated Marketing Suite to meet the specific marketing needs of your clients. You choose the custom package that works for you and we provide the training, system, and support. You can use our system to improve your current marketing services, create a Marketing Suite to provide DIY marketing tools for your clients or have a completely customized application built just for you. Not only do you improve your product offering, but also have the opportunity to generate revenue so that your new Marketing Suite pays for itself.

Real estate marketing suite

Our Marketing Suites allow you to:

• Customize marketing services and
  applications to meet the exact needs of your
  clients to help set you apart from the


• Use our tools to drastically improve
  production and customer service for your
  design/marketing department OR offer DIY
  marketing tools to your clients


• Upload your existing print material
  templates into our production efficient
  system for your designers/admins, OR offer
  your clients hundreds of professionally
  designed templates for their DIY marketing

Title company selling tools

Automatically populate each marketing campaign with
  client branding and contact information as well as auto
  generate your choice of print materials, virtual tours
  and ready to print or email flyers

Add your clients’ listings to our searchable Google map
  based house hunting tool

Keep an archive of marketing materials for each client

Increase revenue while still covering the low cost of your
  new Realtour Marketing Suite


All of our packages and services are designed to meet the individual needs of your Title Company and your clients. You can choose the package that is right for you, or contact Amanda to discuss your needs for a completely customized package.

Our marketing packages for Title Companies include the following 5 packages:

Bronze Marketing Suite

 This package is ideal for companies that:

Do not currently offer any form of marketing services or tools to their clients.

Wish to remain competitive with other title companies by offering marketing tools to their clients.

Do not wish to pay for tools or services.


This package is available at no cost to you and includes a log in to our Marketing Suite hosted on your company website. Your clients can then access marketing tools to build their own print materials, eFlyers, virtual tours and more.

How it Works

Your sales team will receive a quick training session to learn how to use our real estate marketing applications and you, in turn, train your clients as the perfect relationship building tool!

Your clients have their own accounts to build their own marketing materials and pay for the services they use.

You will earn 24% of the revenue your clients generate using our services through our Realtour Rewards program.

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We offer the marketing solutions you need to help open doors and expand your customer base. Contact Amanda to set up a demonstration or to learn more about how we can customize our services to meet your needs.

Title company marketing


We have designed our pricing to suit any budget including a basic package available at no cost to you. Pricing is affordable with flat rates for customized services and a low monthly fee for the services you choose to offer your clients. You can then charge your clients what you see fit so the system pays for itself.

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